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Here at Red17, we supply a wide range of freestanding signs that feature snap frames, poster grip frames, angled information display, iPad and tablet holders and many more beneficial aspects. When it comes to displaying and promoting your products or services, we have the ideal range of information stands to choose from.

If you’re unsure which product would best suit your needs, or if you would like some expert advice, give our friendly sales team a call on 01234 240 007 or order online with free delivery now available on all orders over £75.

Information Stands Uses

Uses of Information Stands

A well put together marketing strategy requires a great mind, the right place, and the correct tools. Getting your business out there for the public to see it has never been easier with the help of information stands.

At Red17, we understand how important is for a business to get exposure to be successful and that is why we have gathered the best information stands to help you achieve just that. Our information stands are suitable for any business such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, shops, leisure centres any many more. We stock a wide variety of information stands which feature snap frames, poster grip frames, iPad and tablet holders and other beneficial aspects. Our products are manufactured from the best materials on the market, and this guarantees you 100% satisfaction. Stylish and sturdy, these information stands are a total winner for any successful marketing plan.

Different Uses of Information Stands

Information stands are portable, easy to use and lightweight and this makes them one of the most popular display solutions. Many business owners assume that information stands are only for use in tech stores, but this isn’t the case. Some of the most common ways to use information stands include:

  • In restaurants. For example, you can use an acrylic top information stand to display the menu for your customers or to use it as a guest book where customers can fill in a short feedback form about your services.
  • In shops. For example, you can display different dishes or specialties outside your restaurant or fast food establishment.
  • In office buildings or training centers. For example, you can use a decorative brochure stand to display certain services (travelling, foods, products, fitness, etc.) to market them to visitors. They are likely to be tempted to approach the stand and find out more.
  • In tech stores. Using information stands specially designed for tablets and iPads will help you to display your products efficiently and professionally.

For more ideas on how can information stands benefit your business, contact us today. Our sales team at Red17 will be happy to help.

Additional Information

Versatile, Practical and Stylish Information Stands

Displaying the right information at the right time and in the right place is a delicate art and requires a balance of marketing know-how, forward thinking and a little bit of luck. It could take you months to establish the ideal place to display your information for maximum exposure, or you could stumble across the answer pretty quickly. In order to determine the best method, and location, you first need to invest in an information stand.

Information stands are useful tools for almost any business; cafes, restaurants, hotels, high street stores, leisure centres and more. They’re also great tools for exhibitions and conferences too.

Freestanding iPad and Tablet Holders are becoming an increasingly popular product as technology is being included in more aspects of our day-to-day lives. For those who are looking to display information or collect subscriber details at exhibitions and trade shows, one of our iPad and Tablet Holders could be just what you need. Supported with a secure housing unit, your iPad or Tablet will remain safe and damage free.

Alongside the Freestanding Holders, we offer a Telescopic iPad and Tablet Holder range that benefits from an adjustable height. Stylishly designed, these products feature a secure and lockable housing unit, stable base and are also collapsible for easy transportation. For added security, these products can also be bolted to the ground – suitable for permanent locations.

If you’re looking for something to effectively display your menu, we have a range of standard information stands available but we also provide Illuminated Stands for added visibility. The frame is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and provides a curved feature where the literature is mounted for optimal viewing.

For a more simple and cost effective approach, our Pole Stands are an ideal solution. Available to display numerous leaflets and menus, these products are easily portable, lightweight and perfect for advertising at an event. Easy to assemble, our Pole Stands come in a variety of styles to suit displaying posters, menus and leaflets.

Our Poster Info Board is an ideal choice if you’re looking to display A1 posters, especially in an area with a high amount of traffic. Stable and portable, our Info Boards are perfect for those that have a high turnover on their graphics. Produced with anti-glare poster coverings and with a silver anodised finish, this product is a great display solution.

If you require a Freestanding Foyer Drywipe Notice Board for your hotel, restaurant, reception or office, this is the perfect solution for displaying handwritten messages. The stand is simple and angled to provide the maximum visibility.

If you’re unsure which product would best suit your business needs, give us a call on 01234 240 007 and one of our friendly team will be able to offer you some expert advice.

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