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Rope Barriers and retractable Belt Barriers


Belt barriers and rope and pole barriers are used by many businesses including exhibitions & events, galleries, museums, post offices, nightclubs, sports facilities and retail stores, in fact anyone who is likely to face the challenge of managing customers, cordoning off areas or creating queue lines and foot flow organisation.

These practical interchangeable queue management barriers are the perfect solution and are available from stock for next day delivery.

Belt and Rope Barriers Uses

Uses of Rope Barriers & Belt Barriers

In order to benefit from a smooth traffic, especially in the events industry, crowd control management becomes a very important issue that you have to deal with every time. Luckily, this is not a problem anymore if you choose to use rope and belt barriers.

At Red17, we understand how important is for you to ensure the safety of the general public and customers during important events such as film releases, book signings or concerts in clubs; that is why we have provide a wide range of high-quality barrier systems and queue line management solutions to smooth the process for you.

Different Uses of Barrier System and Queue Line Management

Although rope and belt barriers may seem like a simple product, there are a lot of different ways they can be used. Here are some of the most common uses:

  • At museums. To maintain a certain space between a painting, photo or sculpture and visitors. This ensures the safety of the items in your gallery.
  • Outside of clubs, pubs, restaurants or cinemas. For example, if you are having a special guest, it is likely that fans will be present and willing to get as close as possible to that particular person. Using a barrier system and queue line management will avoid unwanted accidents caused by enthusiastic fans.
  • In public institutions. For example, a bank where people need discretion when filling in important documents.
  • In stores. For example, in a pet shop in order to avoid children getting too close to the spaces where animals are kept.
  • At the opening of a new business. Customers and clients can get very curious and enthusiastic when it comes to new places (a restaurant, a pub, a café, etc.), and keeping them organised until the official opening is extremely important.

At Red17 we have a great range of barrier system and queue line management on offer, which will take your business organisation to another level. Get in touch today to find out more.

Additional Information

Rope Barriers & Belt Barriers can organise and funnel your customers to your desired location in a controlled and orderly fashion.

Crowd control management and queuing systems are particularly important for establishments with a high level of traffic. Ensuring the safety of the general public as well as your customers should be a top priority, particularly in the events industry and even for those who run clubs and restaurants. To deal with this difficulty, we provide a range of high quality barrier systems and queue line management solutions.

A wide variety of business types, including exhibitions, galleries and museums are likely to face the challenge of managing customers. Keeping them in line has never been so simple than with our comprehensive range of products. Not only do these products provide a practical solution to managing a queue, they also look great and give your visitors that special VIP experience.

For a cost effective and simple solution, we provide the Retractable Belt Barriers and Posts. Easy to store, manage and move about, this barrier system is a popular choice for many businesses and can have a range of benefits, including managing queues and maintaining the privacy of restricted spaces. At 1000mm high, these chrome posts feature a heavy duty base which helps to make them tamper resistant. The retractable belt can be attached to any other compatible post creating a seamless and interchangeable system.

Alternatively, you can give your visitors the ultimate VIP experience with our Premium Pole and Rope Barriers. Made from the highest quality stainless steel, these poles are chip and scratch resistant. Quick and easy to assemble, the ropes have a clip-in attachment that also allows for quick release when necessary. No matter the personal style you're looking for, this product can be purchased with either a velvet rope style or a twisted rope style – both of which can be bought in either black, blue or red.

Individual components can also be bought to replace any that may become damaged from overuse, allowing you to get the most from your queue management system.

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