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Flags are one of the most visual and striking ways of promoting your business outdoors. Red17 offer a wide choice of sizes and styles.

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Post Mounted Flags Uses

Uses of Printed Post Mounted Flags

When it comes to marketing a business or advertising an event, it isn’t always easy. But, if you’re really looking to make a statement it may be worth investing in some top quality printed post mounted flags. As well as being eye-catching and extremely effective, printed post mounted flags also look professional. Adding a printed post mounted flag outside of a business or nearby to an event is a great way to grab the attention or passersby, as well as marketing the business to anyone that sees the flag. However, a lot of businesses don’t realise just how beneficial mounted flags can be.

At Red17 our printed post mounted flags are printed to the highest quality, using the very best materials. This ensures our products look professional at all times. If you are looking to increase the success of your business, it could be a good idea to invest in printed post mounted flags.

Different Uses of Printed Post Mounted Flags

There are a number of uses of printed post mounted flags, which means they are popular among a lot of different businesses. Some of the most common ways mounted flags are used include:

  • To welcome visitors or customers to a business on arrival. Having a fantastic branded flag in a clear position as people enter the business is a great way to let them know who you are and what you do. Plus, it looks professional and friendly. It also makes it clear that it’s where the business operates from.
  • To advertise an upcoming event such as a local fair, circus or pantomime. It isn’t always easy to market a local event to a wide audience as there are so many people to reach, but printed post mounted flags work well as they are seen by a lot of people who are passing by.
  • To advertise the opening of a new business or restaurant. Many businesses and restaurants begin to grow their customer base by welcoming newcomers in a professional and friendly manner, which is what printed post mounted flags are best for.

It’s important that printed post mounted flags are fully branded with company colours, logo and information. At Red17 we take care of everything for you and have a full range of products for you to choose from. Get in touch today to find out more.

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