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Ensuring you have a clear yet eye-catching leaflet display can be very important. For those who run regular public events or simply want to supply their customers with free information and reading material, our minimalistic range of products will effortlessly compliment the literature you have to offer.

We have a varied range of styles and concepts available which will suit any budget, and any business purpose. With solutions for a whole host of material, including newspapers, magazines, leaflets and menus, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your needs.

Freestanding Leaflet Dispensers Uses

Uses of Freestanding Leaflet Dispensers

If you are looking for a way to display your literature, magazines or leaflets professionally and still want to maintain flexibility in movement, using freestanding leaflet dispensers may be exactly what your business needs.

At Red17, we understand that every business is unique and needs personalised promotional tools; that is why we have gathered the best display solutions to make sure any business will find what it needs. Whether you are heading to an exhibition or you are a store or a restaurant you are sure to find freestanding leaflet dispensers suitable for your business. Plus, our products are easy to assemble and move around, are easy to store and come with carrying bags to make sure everything is safe when you are on the go.

Different Ways to Use Freestanding Leaflet Dispensers

All the freestanding leaflet dispensers at Red17 are durable, strong and versatile. This means that their uses are countless, without breaking or scratching. Some of the most popular ways to use freestanding leaflet dispensers include:

  • At exhibitions. Raise brand and product awareness by using freestanding leaflet dispensers from which visitors can pick up interesting brochures and other reading materials.
  • In a business centre. Using freestanding leaflet dispensers to promote your business and services will give you maximum exposure without taking up too much space.
  • In libraries. For example, you can display the latest books available.
  • In souvenir shops. For example, you can display postcards in a much more organised way, giving flexibility to the customers to reach the items.
  • In beauty salons. Display magazines or offers for your customers while waiting for their appointment.
  • In restaurants or cafes. For example, you can use brochure stands to display daily specials or other offers.
  • In parks or other open areas. For example, if you are about to open a business and need to gather attention place your freestanding leaflet dispensers in crowded areas and help people get to know you better.

For more information and ideas on how you can use freestanding leaflet dispensers and how they can benefit your business, get in touch today with our team experts. At Red17, we have a wide range of freestanding leaflet dispensers in different styles and sizes to fit any possible business need.

Additional Information

Our comprehensive range of freestanding leaflet dispensers is sure to provide you with the ideal product. Featured in and amongst our products is a specially design collapsible range that can be transported to exterior venues including conferences and exhibitions. Each collapsible product is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and comes with a compatible carry bag.

Whilst we off stylish wood, steel and clear designs, we also offer a highly versatile mesh range that is ideal for magazines and newspapers. Built with the capability to be folded away for easy storage, this range is the perfect solution for those who require manoeuvrability. These products are also a cost-effective solution for those working with a tight budget.

Not only are our freestanding leaflet dispensers stable and sturdy, many of them are highly portable and come with wheels. Easy to assemble, all of our products are built with ease of use in mind and this is just an additional feature that testifies to that.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then give us a call on 01234 240 007 and speak to one of friendly team for specialist advice. All bulk purchase orders, and orders over £75, include free delivery.

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