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Being able to provide your customers, clients and visitors with reading material may be an integral part of your business. You may have a waiting room where you provide a collection of the latest magazines. You may be heavily involved in the community and need to display leaflets on local events. You may want to fill a space and found reading material to be the perfect solution.

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Revolving Literature Stands Uses

Uses of Revolving Literature Stands

Giving your customers or visitors the opportunity to access reading or promotional materials is an essential part of any successful marketing plan. One of the best promotional solutions on the market is represented by revolving literature stands.

At Red17, we stock a wide range of revolving literature stands which are stylish, easy to use and cost effective. Whether you are attending an exhibition or have a stable promotional place, our products will help your business get noticed positively. From wood to acrylic or mesh, you are sure to find the perfect display match for your business needs.

Different Uses of Revolving Literature Stands

You can use revolving literature stands at home, in an office, a store or any other kind of business location. This makes them extremely versatile and very popular. Some of the most common uses of revolving literature stands include:

  • In a railway station. For example, use revolving literature stands for displaying and selling magazines, books or newspapers.
  • At an exhibition to help visitors obtain quick and professional information about your business.
  • Book and music stores. Display the latest books or CDs in wooded revolving literature stands.
  • In subways. For example, if there is a free newspaper that is available only for those who travel with the tube give them the possibility to grab a copy of that paper.
  • In schools or universities. For example, to display flyers or brochures with different events.
  • At home. For example, if you work at home you can organise some of your documents by using a desktop stand.
  • In parks or other public areas. For example, if you are preparing an event in your district raise awareness of that event for all.
  • In office buildings. Promote your business in different office buildings by using high-quality flyers with catchy messages.
  • At seminars or different corporate events. For example, you can use revolving literature stands to showcase flyers with your business achievements to make a good impression on all your guests.

As you can see the uses of revolving literature stands are countless, but if you are still looking for more ideas give us a call, and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Additional Information

Brochure, Magazine or Leaflet Perfectly Displayed in a Revolving Literature Stand

Whatever your reason for offering literature on your premises, there is a whole host of distributing solutions available to you with the most dynamic being the revolving literature dispenser.

Available in a range of sizes to suit your needs and available space, our collection of revolving literature dispensers could be just what you’re looking for.

The furniture already in your business space may determine whether wood or steel is a suitable material for your revolving literature dispenser. Our wooden products are very stylish and incredibly popular. They can hold a large capacity of magazines up to A4 size and look great in any room. For indoor use only, these made to order products are ideal for your all businesses.

If you feel that wood is perhaps not the right material for your literature dispenser, we also offer a similar product in black-coated steel. This range comes in two sizes to suite the volume of literature you want to have on display. Modern and chic, these products are an excellent choice for those who prefer a touch of minimalism.

For those working to a tight budget, our wire/mesh range is the ideal money-saver. Available in two different designs and capable of holding a range of leaflet sizes, these dispensers are easy to assemble and portable.

Some businesses may not have the floor space to accommodate a large freestanding literature dispenser and for those who face this difficulty, we offer a smaller and more compact solution ideal for table and counter tops. The hard-wearing plastic is the perfect solution for allowing your leaflets to remain on full display and for enticing customers to browse.

Irrelevant of the size or quantity of leaflets, booklets or magazines, were have a revolving literature dispenser to suit your needs. If you can’t find what you need online, then contact our friendly team on 01234 240 007 for a free chat and we’d be more than happy to help.

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