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Projecting Signs are wall mounted signs that protrude out making them eye-catching and a perfect signage product for any high street retailer wanting to capture the attention of passers by. Make it easy to find your shop or store with our easy to setup and install projecting signs!

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Projecting Signs Uses

Uses of Projecting Signs

Any great business needs a clear and professional signage, and your business is no different. Take your business to another level by using the best projecting signs on the market.

At Red17, we understand how important is to create a positive image for your customers. That is why we have selected the best tools to help you increase visibility for your business as professionally as possible. We stock a wide range of projecting signs which have a wide variety of advantages, including being made out of high quality materials, being double-sided, weatherproof products and being highly durable. In the end, your customers will enjoy the care you put into designing and promoting your image, and you will experience the benefits of this wise investment for an extended period.

Different Ways to Use Projecting Signs

All kinds of businesses can benefit from the uses of projecting signs. The most popular uses include:

  • Outside a shop. For example, if you just opened a new clothing store, it makes it possible for your future customers to get acquainted with your brand.
  • Outside a dental office. We all know how much we need a good dentist when we least expect it. That is why making it easier for patients to find your office will save them time, money and undesired pain.
  • Outside of a car park. Give drivers a helping hand by using projecting signs near legal parking areas and help them to avoid unwanted tickets.
  • In parks. For example, if there is a lake with fish and visitors are not allowed to feed them, using a restriction sign will make things easier for everybody.
  • Outside near first aid offices. Whether it is summer or winter, unfortunately, some accidents may happen and that is why creating a space for first aid is crucial. Help people find them by installing the proper signage.
  • Near a cashpoint. Using projecting signs will help customers that are in a hurry to withdraw money and pay in those traditional stores that still don’t accept a credit card.

For more ideas on how you can use projecting signs for your business. Get in touch today, and our sales team will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

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