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At Red17 we stock banner stands to suit all of your display and exhibition needs. Our range of professional banner stands come in a variety of options, including desktop, floor standing and large variations.

If you need to make an impact with your display, then banner stands are the perfect signage product. Easy change graphics allow for unlimited variations of high impact material, and the lightweight structure enables your graphics to be ported from event to event.

Outdoor Banner Stands Uses

Uses of Outdoor Banner Stands

If you’re heading to an exhibition it’s important to have the correct marketing materials available, marketing materials that will make an impact by helping you to stand out from your competitors. There are a number of different exhibition products available, but banner stands have remained a firm favourite for many businesses year after year.

Banner stands are lightweight and easy to move, meaning they’re no trouble at all when it comes to setting them up at different variations; because of this many businesses see purchasing a banner stand as an investment.

Different Uses of Banner Stands

However, banner stands aren’t just to be used at exhibitions and there are also a number of other places they can be used as a beneficial marketing tool, such as:

  • Outside of a workplace, restaurant or shop to advertise a specific product or service to those passing by. This is a popular option for new businesses, gyms and any restaurant with a meal deal. By displaying a banner stand outside, those walking by can immediately see what’s on offer without even going inside.
  • Any location where buyers are likely to make impulse purchases. Often, customers will see a sign or display when they are standing in line to pay and will decide to make a purchase. This is one of the most effective ways to use this type of marketing.
  • At a conference or an event hosted by a business. If a business holds an event it is important to use this time to showcase the professional approach you are taking to work, as well as to market the business. Placing banner stands and other displays around the room helps to create an impressive atmosphere.
  • In locations close by to the business, to direct people to where the business or exhibition stand is located. For example, a display could give directions or information about how to find the business.

If you’re interested in having a banner stand commissioned for your business, we can help. At Red17 we have a wide range of professional banner stands to choose from including those that are suitable for desktops and floors, as well as many larger variations. The banner stands we offer are available in a number of different sizes and options, so there’s sure to be something to suit your needs. Take a look at our range of banner stands to find out more.

Make sure you stand out at your next exhibition with high impact banner stands from Red17.

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Outdoor Banner Stands are the perfect display solution for any events or show where you need to stand out from the crowd and for creating outdoor dining areas. Our range of banner stands include high impact, indoor and outdoor variants.

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