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Outdoor Notice Boards are perfect for schools, restaurants, community centres, village halls, parishes, churches, office buildings and other businesses alike. Weatherproof and lockable these notice boards for external use are a great way to update, advertise and inform your customers and members of up and coming events, reports, products, services, news and reviews,

Communication is key and with an outdoor notice board you can communicate 24 hours a day, so buy yours here today with free delivery now available.

Outdoor Notice Boards Uses

Uses of Exterior Notice Boards

A lot of different businesses and venues will require the use of outdoor notice boards. An outdoor notice board provides you with somewhere to display information without needing to worry about weather damage, vandalism or anything going missing.

At Red17 we stock a range of different outdoor notice boards in a lot of different styles. This means you are able to choose from freestanding outdoor notice boards and those that can be mounted on the side of a building. Plus, there’s a tonne of great sizes, colours and variations to choose from.

Different Ways to Use Outdoor Notice Boards

You have probably seen outdoor notice boards being used by a variety of businesses before, but not many people realise that there are a large number of different uses. Some of the most common ways to use an outdoor notice board are:

  • To display a menu outside of a cafe, restaurant, pub or bar.
  • To display opening times or important information outside of a cafe, restaurant, pub or bar.
  • As a way to advertise special events or themed nights; this use is especially popular with bars and clubs, who host different events and need to market them.
  • As a way to display important school or college information. Outdoor notice boards are mainly used by schools as a way to provide parents with information. For example, a large freestanding board could display information about inset days, school holidays, school trips or special events.
  • As a way for churches to display upcoming events and services. Many churches choose to use freestanding notice boards as they are easy to place and can be moved when necessary.
  • To grab the attention of people walking by a businesses. All different types of businesses can benefit from advertising on the street, whether that’s simply highlighting what the business does or offering BOGOF offers to new customers. This works well with freestanding outdoor notice boards and those that are mounted.

If you’re in need of an external notice board, we can help. At Red17 we purposely stock a wide range of notice board options to ensure our customers have exactly what they need. Whether you need one for a business or school, we’ve got it covered. Get in touch today to find out more.

Additional Information

Our entire range of external boards are lockable, vandal resistant and weather proofed. All of our products are designed to keep your signage safe whilst displaying them in a complementary and eye-catching manner.

The catalogue can be broken down into two subcategories, either wall mounted or post mounted boards.

Our freestanding, post mounted boards are a fantastic choice for churches and school yards allowing for placement to be moved and optimised to create maximum impact. These boards are available in a range of colours, finishes and sizes to ensure that these external boards will suffice any business needs.

Wall mounted boards are a more slim line and cost effective option for displaying outdoor signage. Although they do require a wall for mounting, the position can easily be updated to increase viewability. All of these outdoor notice boards may also be used indoors and are again available in a multitude of options to fit your business requirements.

Checkout our high spec Colour Vandal Resistant Outdoor Poster Cases, with its 55mm extruded aluminium frame, sturdy locks and 2mm vandal resistant plastic cover, these vandal resistant outdoor notice boards are built to the highest specifications. These secure lock frames can be hung portrait or landscape and include poster clips and door stays for quick and simple poster changes. Due to the waterproof seal, these lockable frame are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Also in our range is the very popular Coloured Outdoor Lockable Poster Cases, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this colour key lock poster frame has a fully waterproof seal, a 2mm plastic poster cover and a 45mm extruded aluminium poster frame. It is not only eye catching, thanks to the bright colour, but is strong and durable too. It can be mounted both portrait and landscape and can be displayed in all weather conditions and keep your poster safe and dry. Choose your favoured colour and required notice board size from the options available. These coloured outdoor poster case notice boards are lockable, waterproof & hard wearing. Making them a fantastic external display option for your posters.

If you require any further information about our external notice boards please call our friendly team on 01234 240 007.

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