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Protecting your posters and advertising from the weather, vandalism and general wear and tear is important to maintaining a professional appearance. Capable of providing a secure environment for your displays, our range of lockable poster frames and secure poster frames are excellent value for money and can be purchased in a wide variety of colours to suit your branding.

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Lockable Poster Frames Uses

Uses of Lockable Poster Frames

If you’re looking for a safe and secure way to display information, yet still want everything to look professional, you should consider lockable poster frames. As well as protecting posters, flyers and advertisements from the weather and vandalism lockable poster frames also look great. In short, lockable poster frames are a fantastic marketing and display tool for any business.

All of the lockable poster frames available at Red17 are made using high quality, long lasting materials; this means they’re a great investment and will last a long time. They are available in a number of different shapes and sizes, even in magnetic versions. Whether you’re looking for a durable alternative to an existing frame or you simply want to protect documents from general wear and tear, lockable poster frames will do the job.

Different Uses of Lockable Poster Frames

Though lockable poster frames may initially appear to be a simple and basic product, this isn’t the case. There are a tonne of different ways they can be used, including:

  • In schools as a way to display information to parents, to display upcoming events and to advertise school trips. The larger lockable poster frames can even be used to display artwork.
  • In colleges and universities as a way to showcase upcoming events, important information and even details of the campus. For example, a specific subject within a university may wish to display a building map or upcoming days off.
  • In community centres and leisure centres to advertise classes and upcoming events. Lockable poster frames can also be used to display opening times.
  • In an office as a way to highlight key office information. For example, a business may wish to display key pieces of information or important contact numbers to staff.
  • In restaurants and bars as a way to display menus outside; this is ideal for those wanting to see what’s on offer before heading inside

For more information on lockable poster frames and the different ways they can be used, get in touch. At Red17 we’re firm believers in the many ways lockable poster frames can benefit a business.

Additional Information

Poster Frames with lockable and secure features

Businesses looking to display effective signage and advertising will require a poster case as standard. Our variety of stylish and functional products are ideal for meeting those business needs. Suitable for use both inside and outside, this range is versatile and cost effective.

Our 32mm Colour Lockable Poster Snap Frames are a great solution for public spaces that see a high amount of traffic. Available in 17 different colours, this product features a secure locking mechanism, a strong aluminium frame and an anti-glare poster cover sheet.

If security isn’t your top concern, and you’re simply looking for a simple poster housing unit, then our Secure Poster Snap Frames are ideal. When closed, all fixings are cleverly hidden from sight, creating a seamless and professional appearance.

If you require something a little more heavy duty, we offer the Outdoor Lockable Poster Cases that come in a range of colours. Lockable and waterproof, this range is the ideal tamper resistant solution for your displays. Capable of withstanding a variety of weather conditions, this product is durable and long lasting.

Our entire range benefits from the ability to quickly change over graphics, making them ideal for those who want something that is low maintenance, easy to manage and yet still aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re unsure which product best suits your needs, or you want to find out more, please call our friendly team on 0123 240 007. Our poster frames are available in a wide range of colours and in sizes: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5, not to mention the larger sizes like 40" x 30" and 60" x 40". View our full range of poster frames here.

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