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Outdoor light boxes are one of our bestselling outdoor illumination display products and are great for outdoor advertising where businesses want to capture the attention of those passing by. Whether you’re a café, restaurant, leisure centre or high street store, investing in an outdoor light box is a great opportunity to boost your marketing.

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Outdoor Light Box Uses

Uses of Outdoor Light Boxes

Growing a successful business can get a bit tricky because there are a lot of things to take into consideration like the type of business that best suits your knowledge, what marketing plan to create, people to work with and the list goes on. Luckily, there are a lot of solutions out there, for example, outdoor light boxes which can help your business make a difference easily.

At Red17, we understand how important is to engage potential clients, and that is why we have selected the best tools for you to use to advertise your business like a true professional. It is time to step up and boost your marketing plan by using outdoor light boxes that will capture the attention of a passersby professional manner.

Different Ways to Use Outdoor Light Boxes

Outdoor light boxes are versatile, durable, weatherproof, tamper resistant, and provide low power consumption. Outdoor light boxes can be used in restaurants, cafés, pubs, theater lobbies or in any other kind of business location. This makes them extremely versatile and very popular. Some of the most common uses of outdoor light boxes include:

  • Outside a restaurant, café or pub to showcase the special offers of the day. This strategy is very eye-catching and engages potential customers to enter your location.
  • In theatre lobbies to professionally display movie posters or food deals.
  • Businesses can also make good use of outdoor light boxes to display information about all sorts of events they are preparing in their location.
  • Outside of shops to display information about new collections or special offers.
  • Business can also use outdoor light boxes to display information to clients about the company. For example, the story of the business, how did it all start, the mission, and values of that particular business.

For more information on outdoor light boxes and how they can help boost your business, get in touch. At Red17 we have a great range of outdoor light boxes in a wide range of bold and fun colours, so you’re sure to find one that suits your business.

Additional Information

Outdoor Light Box Information

Many businesses often have a marketing plan in place for their indoor areas and even one for off-premise advertising such as leaflet distribution and digital marketing, but do you have one for your external premises? And are you missing a big opportunity?

Specifically built for outdoor use, these light boxes are ideal for displaying your special offers, menus or posters outdoors – particularly during the winter months where evenings are darker earlier. Why limit your advertising to daylight hours?

We have two products as part of our outdoor light box range, one of which is the Slimlok Illuminated Menu Case. Ideal for menu displays, this is a versatile product also suitable for displaying posters. One of its great features is the brand space above the poster where it is easy to display a company logo or brand message. This product also uses LED strip lighting that can be found at the top of the case. By using LED lights there is no risk of bulb breakages and requires a lower wattage power source – which also reduces the running costs.

Our other product is the standard Outdoor Light Box that can be bought in a range of colours to suit your business branding. This product also features the added benefit of low running costs and therefore requires minimal maintenance. Also featuring a lock, this product is vandal resistant whilst still being able to provide you with the ability to quickly swap over graphics.

Wall mounted light boxes are weatherproof and easy to install. All of our products here will be able to help you with your outdoor advertising and help boost the profile of your business.

If you would like to know more about these products, or make a bulk order, then please call our professional and friendly sales team on 01234 240 007.

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