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Quality whiteboards range manufactured in the UK includes: Magnetic Whiteboards, Space Saving, Freestanding, Framed, Mobile and Portable Whiteboards as well as our very popular range of Printed Planner Whiteboards and Handheld Whiteboards.

All these write-on wipe-off dry wipe boards are competitively priced and are available with bulk buy discounts and free delivery. So shop here and order online today!

Whiteboards Uses

At Red17 we stock a wide range of whiteboards in a number of different shapes, colours and sizes. These ‘write on wipe off’ whiteboards are easy to clean and can be used over and over again; so it isn’t difficult to understand why they are such a popular addition to schools, homes and offices. However, it isn’t just offices and schools that can benefit from the addition of a whiteboard and you may be surprised at just how many places they can be used.

Different Uses of Cheap Whiteboards

Whiteboards can be used in many different ways and this it what makes them one of the top selling products at Red17. Some of the most common places to use whiteboards include:

  • In the classroom to teach lessons. For example, students can easily see the notes a teacher is making and can copy any key points they require.
  • In the classroom for group work and to encourage group interaction. Many schools use whiteboards uk for group games, whereby students can take it in turns to use the board during lessons. This works well as the novelty of using a whiteboard is enjoyable for younger children and encourages them to get involved.
  • At home in an office or study. Many people who work from home find making notes on a whiteboard is a good place for lists and daily tasks.
  • In universities and colleges when a large group of students is required to take notes or note down important information.
  • In an office to highlight key points during a meeting or to make a note of important office information.
  • At home to keep the family organised. Whiteboards can be customised and sectioned off in different ways, which is great for parents who have kids to organise and after school activities to remember. Plus, it’s the perfect place to note down any play dates or birthday parties.

All of the whiteboards we stock at Red17 are made in the UK and are competitively priced, meaning you can order a high quality whiteboard and an affordable cost. This is great for businesses and companies that are likely to order in bulk or need to replace a lot of whiteboards at once. Take a look at our vast range of freestanding and hanging whiteboards - both magnetic and non-magnetic - to find the ideal one for you.

Additional Information

Discount Whiteboards Information

Red17's catalog of whiteboards and magnetic whiteboards are suitable for a range of organisational and display purposes and are perfect for both work and home settings.

Our whiteboards are stocked in a variety of colours, materials and sizes and ready to be delivered next day for orders placed before 3pm.

Dual or combination whiteboards can be purchased which come with half non-magnetic areas suitable for use as both a whiteboard and pin notice board. These products are framed in aluminium and suitable when both products are often required.

Other whiteboard variations include hanging and freestanding whiteboards as well as smaller, lap boards or 'show me boards' which are often used in schools. Along with traditional whiteboards, glass magnetic boards are available for a more luxurious feel and remain compatible with other whiteboard accessories such as grid tape and pens.

In addition, framed chalkboards, freestanding sign whiteboards and other new products have been added to our range and can be used to fulfil similar display needs.

Wanting to customise and accessorise your whiteboard? Need new pens or whiteboard erasers? Then click here to view our full range of Whiteboard Accessories.

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