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Coloured poster snap frames in a range of sizes and colours. Ideal for advertising, these frames are durable, practical and user-friendly. When it comes to displaying posters for advertising, it may be difficult to decide on where to display them, and how to do so in a manner that protects the posters and prevents them from being defaced or worn away by wear and tear. Investing in a collection of our coloured poster snap frames is a great strategy to ensure all this whilst staying firmly within your budget and corporate brand.

Colour Poster Frames Uses

Uses of Coloured Poster Snap Frames

It isn’t always easy to find a way to display posters and advertisements in a fun manner, whilst still remaining professional. Plus, you always need to consider whether this fun manner will do a good job at protecting the posters and advertisements. This is where coloured poster snap frames come in. As well as offering a great deal of protection from the weather and vandalism, coloured poster snap frames also look great. Available in a range of colours and sizes, there’s a coloured poster snap frame to suit every requirement and preference.

All of the coloured poster snap frames we stock at Red17 are made using extremely durable materials, meaning they last a long time and can withstand a great deal of wear and tear. Plus, thanks to the wide selection on offer, there’s a tonne of versions to choose from. Whether you want to protect important business information or you simply want to display a poster or two, coloured poster snap frames are ideal.

Different Uses of Coloured Poster Snap Frames

All of the coloured poster snap frames have been designed to showcase posters and advertisements, which means they can be used in many different ways. For example:

  • Restaurants and bars can use coloured poster snap frames to display menus, upcoming events, charities the business is supporting and even information for kids..
  • Schools and colleges can use coloured poster snap frames to display important information to students and parents. For example, a frame is able to showcase upcoming school trips, inset days and terms dates.
  • Shops are able to use coloured poster snap frames to display information on special offers and new products. Additionally, many shops choose to use these frames as a way to draw attention to their Christmas opening hours.
  • Community centres, churches and local youth groups can use coloured poster snap frames as a way to let visitors know when they are open and when group activities are taking place.
  • Coloured poster snap frames also work well in office environments as they are ideal for displaying important business information.

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways that coloured poster snap frames can be used. For more information on any of our products at Red17, get in touch and speak to a member of the team.

Additional Information

Our coloured poster snap frames come in two main designs: 32mm and 25mm. The difference between them is the frame width, but they both offer the same range of benefits and quality.

Available in a range of colours, including black, green, red, yellow, blue, brown, silver and many more, these posters can be purchased in any size from A4 to A0. If it's an A1 poster frame you're looking for? Then the standard silver poster frames offers good value and if it's an A2 poster frame your need then our most popular is the 25mm profile black poster frame.

These frames feature a front-opening with snap clip action that makes it easy to swap over graphics with minimal fuss. The fixings that allow the frame to function this way are cleverly hidden, so once closed, they’re invisible.

The anti-glare plastic covering is designed to allow maximum visibility to your posters, and the aluminium frame features a durable powder coated finish.

For ease of use, these frames can be mounted both landscape and portrait and come fully supplied with pre-drilled and individually boxed screws and wall plugs.

Framed chalkboards are another popular and cost-effective poster frame solution. These frames are often used in eateries including pubs and restaurants and can be a highly effective solution for bringing in more business by quickly changing offers and promotions.

If you’re interested in purchasing our coloured poster snap frames and would like to know more, or perhaps make a bulk order, please call us on 01234 240 007. Unsure what size poster frame you need? Click here to see our helpful Size Guide or if you need to find out more about poster frames in general then check out our blog posts on poster frames.

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