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Lockable, weatherproof and great for indoor or outdoor advertising at Red17 we stock a comprehensive range of poster cases to suffice any businesses promotional display needs.

Posters capture the attention of passersby and inform and promote them of your brand, products, services and events. So house your poster in a stylish key lock display case and buy online today. Next day and Free Delivery options available.

Poster Case Uses

Uses of Poster Cases

Whether you run a restaurant, bar, shop or office you are sure to appreciate the annoyance that comes with having a poster stolen, removed or damaged. It’s a common problem that anyone who takes the time to create impressive posters for their business will face. In fact, most businesses will, at some point, find themselves in need of poster cases.

Poster cases are used to house any type of paper and they are safe, secure and waterproof. Meaning the paper remains inside the poster case for as long as it needs to and there’s no worry of it falling down or disappearing. There are a tonne of different ways that a poster case can be used and a variety of different businesses and industries will find them to be a beneficial purchase.

Different Uses of a Poster Case

There are a lot of different uses of poster cases and they have become popular among businesses who need to hang paper on a frequent basis. Poster cases can be used to:

  • Protect a poster in a bar or club; both of which are places where posters are often torn, damaged or removed.
  • House a menu outside of a restaurant, cafe or bar. It’s important for businesses to showcase their menu outside to entice customers and to let them know what sort of food and drink is on offer. A poster case will protect the menu from damage.
  • Protect any poster, menu or paper that needs to be hung outside.
  • Protect posters, menus and displays from vandalism and deliberate damage.
  • House important office information that needs to be on display for a long period of time. Though hanging a notice or poster in an office without protection works well on a short term basis, over time many people will find the paper will unstick or fall off the wall.

With so many different uses of poster cases, we know it’s important to ensure our range caters to all. At Red17 we stock a wide variety of poster cases, all of which are perfect for housing promotional posters or message board displays. Available in a number of different colours and sizes, customers can choose between those that are suited for outdoor or indoor use.

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Poster Case Display in a range of colours and sizes

Buy a Poster Case to advertise and promote your business with key lock and waterproof seal.

Our catalog of various colours and sizes of poster case contains products that are suitable for both internal and external usage. If you're in need of a secure case then look no further, we stock a huge range in various sizes and colours.

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