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Investing in lockable notice boards for indoor use can benefit a wide range of organisations and businesses. Here at Red17, we have a wide range of secure and lockable indoor notice boards to choose from. Ranging from the more basic, cost effective products to fire resistant and tamper proof solutions.

In stock and on sale our great range of lockable notice boards are available to buy online with free and next day delivery options, so order today or call our friendly sales team on 01234 240 007.

Lockable Notice Boards Uses

Uses of Indoor Lockable Notice Boards

After spending hours designing the best messages about your business, it’s time to display them in a professional way. This is best achieved through the use of indoor lockable notice boards; they really make a statement.

Red17 is the leading UK supplier, manufacturer, and distributor of the UK’s largest range of notice boards. We have a wide range of incredible high-quality products starting from the more basic designs to fire resistant and tamper proof solutions. At Red17, we have a little something for everyone. Make a difference to your organisation or business by choosing from the best.

Different Uses of Indoor Lockable Notice Boards

All different types of businesses can benefit from the uses of lockable noticeboards. The most popular uses include:

  • In office buildings. For example, in the reception to display details about future teambuilding activities.
  • In schools or universities. You can display important information in classrooms or in the hallway about future activities or the school’s curriculum, or you can display paintings or job ads from your partners.
  • At home. For example, above a desk to showcase the projects being working on. They also work well for holding photos or certificates.
  • In waiting rooms. For example, in a beauty salon or gym to showcase information about membership programs or upcoming events.
  • In libraries or community centres. For example, place indoor lockable notice boards near the front entrance and display news and updates.
  • In apartment buildings. Display in a secure manner the building’s rules for all tenants to see.
  • In recruitment agencies to display information about new job opportunities or tips and tricks on how to find a better job.

As you can see, using lockable notice boards gives businesses countless opportunities to display all sorts of relevant information securely. At Red17, we have a wide range of indoor lockable notice boards in a range of shapes and sizes at competitive prices. If you want to know more about our products and how they can be used effectively, get in touch.

Additional Information

We offer a superb range of Indoor lockable notice boards to suit your needs

Our Shield® range is designed to be stylish and contemporary. Whether you're looking for a notice board that's tamperproof or simply practical, this range benefits from premium features including an 18 loop nylon cloth available in different colours as well as heavy duty locks and hinges.

If tamper resistance is at the top of your agenda, then you may be interested in our Tamper Resistant Notice Pin Board. Made with quality in mind, this product offers a well-built structure that features tough acrylic cover for added protection. Accompanied with a lock and two keys, this product is ideal for high traffic areas where interference is likely.

For those who have a particular interest in fire safety, we supply a Fire Resistant Tamperproof Corridor Notice Board that meets the national guidelines for safeguarding against fires in schools. Featuring two locks per board and double door top hinges, this product is safe and practical.

If you’re concerned about your ecological footprint, we offer an Eco Tamperproof Cork Board that is made almost entirely from recycled materials. Also a cost effective choice, this product is available in two sizes and comes with a sturdy lock and two keys.

If you’re unsure which product best suits your needs, call us on 01234 240 007 and one of our friendly team will be able to give you some expert advice.

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