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Illuminated poster frames are a great way to display posters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Providing your posters with some degree of protection, these products are ideal for indoor use. With a variety of colours to choose from, you can find the perfect product to match your business needs and securely display your indoor posters.

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Illuminated Poster Frames Uses

Uses of Illuminated Poster Frames

In business, it’s important to stand out. It’s important to stand out from your competitors and to stand out to your target market. However, it’s not always easy and a lot of marketing efforts fail to receive the notice they deserve. Luckily, at Red17 we can solve this problem by offering our illuminated poster frames. We have a fantastic range of illuminated poster frames available, meaning there’s definitely a size and style to suit your needs.

Our illuminated poster frames are made using the very best materials, which is how we ensure they’re able to do a great job. They offer professionalism and style, whilst still appearing trendy and modern. In short, they offer a little bit of everything. Whether you’re looking to showcase a poster or you need a way to make you're menu stand out, our illuminated poster frames will certainly do the trick.

Different Uses of Illuminated Poster Frames

As illuminated poster frames are extremely safe and secure, as well as durable, they are used by a lot of different businesses. Some of the most common ways for illuminated poster frames to be used include:

  • By a nightclub or bar to display important information to their customers. It can be difficult to market in a dark nightclub or bar and therefore it’s important to find a way to make everything stand out, the illumination from our poster frames do just that. They can be used to advertise drinks deals, events and special offers.
  • Restaurants can also use illuminated poster frames to display menus outside. At night, when it’s dark and people are rushing by, it can be difficult to stop and grab their attention. However, with an illuminated poster frame it’s extremely easy to show what you are offering.
  • Illuminated poster frames are also used outside of businesses and local authorities to display important information to the public and staff. Whereas posters and advertisements can go unnoticed if they are outside, the illumination aspect helps them to stand out.

Many businesses include poster displays as part of their marketing strategy and these illuminated poster frames are the ideal solution. There is a whole host of benefits to purchasing one of our snap frames and they’re an affordable option too. To find out more about illuminated poster frames or for more information on any of the products at Red17, get in touch. Contact us today on 01234 240 007

Additional Information

Put some WOW into your Poster Display! With our stunning Illuminated Poster Frames.

These snap frames provide the perfect protection from vandalism. You will easily be able to store and change your graphics when you like without being at risk of damaging them. Because the frame is securely attached to the wall, you also won’t have to deal with posters become tardy or falling down.

The slim design means that they seamlessly fit up on the wall and look great. There is very little overhang and no danger of the fixtures giving way to the weight of the product. This also means these poster frames are less of a safety hazard by fitting snugly against the wall.

For those conscious of the environmental impact, and the running costs, these poster frames are powered by energy saving LED illumination technology that runs on a low voltage power supply, making it the ideal eco-friendly poster display. This product is also capable of running maintenance-free for up to 10,000 hours.

These illuminated poster frames are easy to install and come in a choice of six different colours and nine different sizes.

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