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At Red17, our range of outdoor poster frames are ideal for a variety of outdoor applications. We stock outdoor poster snap frames with 15MM, 25MM, 32MM, 38MM and 42MM profiles and include A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5 frame sizes with next day delivery! Our outdoor poster frames are a high impact solution to external promotion and we are certain that we stock the very best selection available. Can't find what you're looking for? Call our friendly team on 01234 240 007.

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External Poster Frame Uses

Uses of Outdoor Poster Frames

Displaying posters outside isn’t always easy, especially when there’s the weather and vandalism to contend with; not to mention the general wear and tear that posters tend to suffer. However, with outdoor poster frames this isn’t an issue. Outdoor poster frames are a fantastic way to display posters, advertisements and key pieces of information as they offer protection. Not only does this ensure the display is up for as long as it needs to be, but it also makes sure minimal damage occurs.

The outdoor poster frames at Red17 are available in a range of different shapes, sizes and colours. So, there’s a frame to suit every requirement. Whether you’re a restaurant looking to showcase a menu or a local business with an upcoming event, outdoor poster frames are a great choice.

Different Uses of Outdoor Poster Frames

As with all of the products at Red17, our outdoor poster frames are made using high quality materials that offer durability and longevity. This means that the frames can be used for many different reason, such as:

  • To display menus, special events and opening hours outside of a bar or restaurant.
  • To display drinks promotions, upcoming events and club nights outside of a nightclub.
  • To display key pieces of information to teachers, students and parents at a school. This could include term dates, upcoming school trips and children’s artwork.
  • To display information on classes, activities and fundraisers at a local church or community centre; this can also be used at youth groups, as well as mother and baby groups.
  • To display business information, key contact numbers and upcoming work events to staff outside of an office.
  • To display special offers, promotions and ‘meals of the day’ outside cafes or bakeries.
  • To entice passersby into a local high street shop; this works especially well when new products or sales are advertised.

There are a lot of different ways that outdoor poster frames can be used, largely to display information outside of busy environments. For more information on any of our products at Red17, get in touch.

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