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Hanging poster rails that are suitable for a variety of venues, including student unions, bars, nightclubs and business events, not to mention it's most popular use of retail window displays. The benefit of a hanging poster rail is predominantly the lack of wall space taken up by such a display. Coupled with the ability to quickly change graphics and the capacity to easily rehang them in a different location makes them the ideal poster displaying apparatus.

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Poster Hanger Uses

Uses of Poster Hangers

Poster hangers are one of the most versatile products we stock here at Red17 and they’re used by a range of different industries. From bars and restaurants to businesses at a conference, poster hangers are a great alternative for when it’s not possible to display a poster on the wall. Plus, as they are easy to move they tend to avoid the common issues that are faced with more permanent display options.

Different Uses of Poster Hangers

We provide poster hangers to a lot of different industries, highlighting just how versatile they are. Any business, restaurant or company that advertises through the use of posters can benefit from poster hangers. Some of the most popular uses include:

  • Bars, clubs and pubs can use poster hangers to display special events, drinks deals and money off offers. For example, if there is an upcoming club night or a live band playing a poster hanger can be used to showcase this information.
  • Any business that doesn’t have a lot of wall space can benefit from poster hangers. Poster hangers can be hung from a range of different places and they are popular in venues where there’s not much space or where it’s not possible to permanently fix a poster directly to the wall.
  • Restaurants often use poster hangers to advertise meals, specials and events. As poster hangers can be changed easily and in very little time, it’s not uncommon for restaurants to change the graphics on different days of the week.
  • Poster hangers can be used at business events as a type of display. Whereas some companies opt for banner stands or displays, others take advantage of the lack of space poster hangers take up.
  • Businesses attending an exhibition often use poster hangers as there isn’t always a wall space available to display a poster. Poster hangers allow for graphics to be displayed anywhere. Plus, they can be moved around as required.

There are a range of different types of poster hangers, so there’s something to suit every business and every location. Browse the range of poster hangers we stock at Red17, you’re sure to find the perfect size and style.

Additional Information

A great alternative to poster frames, buy hanging posters systems and poster hanger rails

If you’re looking for somewhere to display ideas, plans or collaborative work, the Trapease® Paper Hanging System is the ideal solution for hanging paper or card. Capable of hanging items of varying thicknesses, this product comes in 3 different lengths but can be butted end to end to create longer runs. Whether you’re looking to display your brainstorming ideas in the conference room, or hanging maps and charts in the office, this product the ultimate solution.

For those who want to create a simple poster display, our standard Poster Hanger is the ideal solution and can be used to display a wide variety of materials including paper, card, fabric banners and even rigid plastics. Perfect as a budget solution, this product is a great addition to any retail environment.

Our Hanging Posters snap frame is lightweight and easy to assemble. Featuring a silver anodised finish as standard, this product is made from recyclable aluminium snap frame rails and can be hung either on the walls or in the windows – making it appropriate and versatile for almost any situation.

All of our hanging poster rails are an affordable alternative to poster cases, but if you’re unsure which would best suit your needs, then please call our friendly team on 01234 240 007.

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