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LED Poster Displays are a stylish and practical form of advertising and are sure to grab attention. Whether you need to show of your latest product or your delicious menu these illuminated poster frames are an ideal display for restaurants, cafes, bars and retailers alike.

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Illuminated Poster Display Uses

Uses of Illuminated Poster Frames

Looking for new and interesting ways to present your marketing materials or advertisements? Opt for illuminated poster frames. They hold promotional graphics within a thin, edge-lit frame with ease and really look the part. The soft, yet powerful lighting guarantees a dramatic and inviting effect designed to draw attention to the contents showcased within. Turn ordinary signage into great backlit marketing tool with a sleek illuminated poster frame.

At Red17, we understand how important it is to make a positive impression on your customers, and that is why we have gathered the best products and solutions for your business. Not to mention that these products are easy to assembly, are made from lightweight and durable materials which guarantee you success for a very long time.

Different Uses of Illuminated Poster Frames

A great variety of businesses can benefit from the uses of illuminated poster frames. The most popular uses include:

  • In cinemas to display posters for all upcoming movies and events.
  • In waiting rooms or corridors. For example, in a hospital or a dentist illuminated poster frames can be used to display information about the hospital’s wards and areas.
  • In restaurants, pubs or cafes. For example, you can use a smaller version of illuminated poster frames attached to a stable steel base to display menus or catchy deals of the day.
  • In shopping centres. For example, you can display the shopping centre’s map with all the shops and details where you can find them.
  • In train stations. One of the easiest ways to get your business noticed is to place advertisements in places with heavy traffic such as train stations, bus stops and any other areas where individuals are likely to wait for periods of time.
  • On shops windows to display special offers or discounts.

It is time to step up your marketing game and time to use the most innovative and modern tools to promote your business. At Red17 we have a wide range of illuminated poster frames in a great variety of colours and sizes to fit any space you need. Get in touch today to find out more.

Additional Information

Poster Frames with LED Illumination

The slim design means that they seamlessly fit up on the wall and look great. There is very little overhang and no danger of the fixtures giving way to the weight of the product. This also means these poster frames are less of a safety hazard by fitting snugly against the wall.

These snap frames provide the perfect protection from vandalism. You will easily be able to store and change your graphics when you like without being at risk of damaging them. Because the frame is securely attached to the wall, you also won’t have to deal with posters become tardy or falling down.

For those conscious of the environmental impact, and the running costs, these poster frames are powered by energy saving LED illumination technology that runs on a low voltage power supply, making it the ideal eco-friendly poster display. This product is also capable of running maintenance-free for up to 10,000 hours.

Stylish poster frames perfectly suited for menus and promotions. This range of available Illuminated Poster Frames include snap frames which are designed for interior use and are easy to install and come in a choice of six different colours and nine different sizes, making them an ideal display solution for restaurants, cafes, retailers and public houses.

Retailers include poster displays as part of their marketing strategy and these illuminated poster frames are the ideal solution. There is a whole host of benefits to purchasing one of our snap frames and they’re an affordable option too.

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