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Brochure Stands – A Communal Area Essential

Brochure Stand Display in Reception

Brochure stands are a must for any business. These cost-effective tools are wholly versatile, hugely practical, and frequently mobile.

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Why Do So Many Restaurant Chains Use Menu Display Cases?

Restaurant Menu Display Case

Hungry passers-by in unfamiliar areas will often find themselves drawn to businesses making use of a menu display case as it saves them the effort of going inside to find out what’s on offer.

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5 Signs that your notice board is in the wrong location

Notice Boards that are in the wrong location

There are several ways to tell whether or not your notice board is in the right location, so we’ve complied those signs for you in this informative blog piece.

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Focus Staff and Set Clear Goals with a Whiteboard Planner

Whiteboards with a plan

The best way to move toward fulfilling your company’s long- and short-term objectives is to set specific, relevant and clear goals for each department. A whiteboard planner can help you do this.

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King of the Swingers, the Shop Sign VIP

King of the Swingers, the shop sign VIP

Swing signs can be incredibly effective in drawing in customers from the street, even if they’re not the first tool that comes to mind when you think of advertising. Read more...

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Why Lecterns Give Stature and Confidence to Public Speakers

Lecterns used by presidents

Lecterns are frequently used by lecturers, motivational speakers, preachers and presenters alike. Take a look at how important they are for giving confidence and promoting stature.

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6 Ways to Hang a Poster

Posters add visual interest to any space. Perfect for sharing information and decorating a room, they make a bold impact no matter where you hang them.

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Why your business needs to consider poster frames

Poster Frames in Business Corridor

A poster frame is the ultimate solution for great signage tools for any business or organisation...

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Increase Visitor Interaction at Trade Shows with a Portable Counter

red17 portable counters

Whether you’re attending a conference, event or trade show, a portable display counter is the perfect solution for your booth.

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The Benefits of Glass Whiteboards

Glass Whiteboard

A short blog about the benefits of a glass whiteboard.

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An Introduction to Lockable Notice Boards

Lockable Notice Boards

A brief introduction to our range of lockable notice boards and why they are so popular...

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What is a reasonable budget for an outdoor notice board?

Outdoor Notice Boards by Red17

If you’re considering buying an outdoor notice board for the first time, you may not be entirely sure what you’re looking for or what prices you can expect...

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Why We Love Café Barriers – and You Should Too!

Love cafe barriers

When it comes to advertising your café, less is rarely more. A café barrier can announce your presence to the world in a big way?

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How to Find your Perfect Outdoor Light Box

The advertisement that you are hoping to display in your outdoor light box may influence which one you require, so taking a look at the different designs available to you is vital.

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Understanding the Different Types of Literature Stands

Today we’re going to discuss the different uses that you get out of the different literature stands on the market right now.

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Why your workplace needs to consider cork notice boards

A cork notice board can completely change the way that people in an office communicate with each other and can help to create a real sense of community amongst your staff.

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Get Creative with Whiteboard Gridding Tape

Ways to get creative with gridding tape for whiteboards. From calendars to visuals and even games - make the most out of your whiteboard.

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How to make the best use of pavement signs

Jelly and Custard Cafe - Pavement Sign

Are you utilising pavement signs to their highest potential? How to make the best use of pavement signs.

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Portable Banner Flag Poles and Other Ways to get Noticed at Events

portable banner flags at car rally

Discover the best ways to get your business noticed at events, including using your very own branded Portable Banner Flag Poles.

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7 Ways a Framed Chalkboard Can Enhance Your Offers

Framed chalk board

Today we’re going to talk about the best tips to follow if you want your own framed chalkboards to be the talk of the town.

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Our Top 5 Poster Frame Blog Posts

Our Top 5 Poster Frame Blog Posts

If you have a poster and are looking to find a frame for it then you've come to the right place. But before you dive into our poster frames category of products you may want some more insight into how poster frames work, why they are so popular, who is using them and how to design the perfect poster...

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Improve Communication In Your School

How you can use School Notice Boards to Improve Communication...

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Outdoor Notice Boards?

2 notice boards for church entrance

Advertising outdoors becomes so easy when you have an External Notice Board. They can work for any business and organisation – you just need to make sure you know how to get the most out of yours.

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Why Folding Display Boards are The Most Cost Effective Trade Show Stand Display

Folding Display Boards for Trade Shows and Craft Fairs

Trade shows and exhibitions can be costly affairs but when your budget is tight and you need to look right, then folding display boards are the way to go.

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Why Do Businesses Use Light Boxes?

Wall mounted light box display signs for business

When it comes to reach and affordability, an Outdoor Light Box is exceptional and offers the highest amount of exposure for the lowest cost...

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Brighten Up Your Corridors with Snap Frames

Snap Frames Brighten Up Corridors

Snap frames are becoming increasingly popular as a way to display important information. They look great in corridors or on any wall and are simple to install, keep clean and maintain.

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The pros and cons of cafe barriers

Finneys Cafe with Cafe barrier Banners Stands

There are plenty of benefits that come with investing in this type of signage, not least that it can be used to brand your café while also making it more noticeable...

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Menu Light Boxes: A Simple Way to Display Your Menu

Menu graphic

A brief suggestion on a simple way to display your cafe or restaurant menu using a menu box, menu display case.

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8 Reasons You Really Need a Notice Board

Man standing looking at a notice board full of notices

Whether for home use, office, school, college or community centre, read this blog to discover 8 reasons for buying a notice board.

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Using Portable Flag Poles To Promote Your Brand

Banner Flags and Flag Poles

Standing out in the crowd has never been more important or challenging for businesses in the modern world of commerce. If you want to promote your brand and grab people’s attention, you might like to consider portable flag poles.

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7 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Pavement Sign

Pavement Signs

Learn things about pavement signs to help you choose the right one for you.

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