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Framed chalk boards and chalk board posters are cost-effective signage tools that are often found in eateries, pubs and restaurants. In stock and available with next day and free delivery options, not to mention our bulk buy discounts.

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Framed Chalk Boards Uses

Uses of Framed Chalk Boards

Are you considering giving your business a more personal touch? Display all relevant information about your business on framed chalk boards. At Red17, we understand that businesses are different and have different requirements so why not make your business more personal by using framed chalk boards that will be noticed and appreciated by all of your customers.

This type of signage solution gives you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to displaying information as framed chalk boards can easily be cleaned and re-written over. What’s more, they are easy to assemble, do not require special tools, are recyclable and easy to maintain.

Different Uses of Framed Chalk Boards

You can use framed chalk boards in an office, at home or in any other kind of business location. This makes them extremely versatile and very popular. Some of the most common uses of framed chalk boards include:

  • In your kitchen environment to write shopping lists, dates, make notes, to write names of dinners you plan to cook.
  • In your child’s room. For example, use framed chalk boards to teach your child new words, numbers and all sorts of interesting things. Also, your child may play and experiment using framed chalk boards without the worry of using mounds of paper or drawing on the walls.
  • In a restaurant, pub or café to showcase the daily specials or meal deals.
  • During a training session. For example, during a teamwork project where the attendees can write any idea that they will use for future presentations.
  • In a fancy boutique’s window to display special offers or deals.
  • In colleges or schools. For example, you can enjoy the beautiful weather outside and have students in the school playground. Using framed chalk boards will help you write down all your information and the class will be more engaged.

If you want to know more about framed chalk boards and need inspiration on how you can use them for your business, get in touch today. At Red17, we have prepared a range of framed chalk boards in different sizes to suit every possible need.

Additional Information

Information about our Framed Chalk Boards

Framed chalk boards are sometimes referred to as framed blackboards. Often seen in pubs and cafes, these signage solutions give businesses a flexible way to display information flexibly as they can be easily cleans and re-written over. They're particularly useful in situations where information is changed regularly such as 'daily specials' or 'catch of the day'. Framed chalk boards can be used across a number of other business and home applications as well. Office inspiration, schedules, cleaning rotas and bulletins are all great use-cases for framed chalk boards. In the home, these products make great additions to any kitchen or children's bedroom.

You’ll find our framed chalk boards range below with various product styles on offer in a number of different sizes. The majority of our chalk boards are framed using wood. These styles provide a more traditional, authentic feel and are extremely popular. You will often seen wooden chalk boards hanging in restaurants, cafes and pubs. This is due to framed chalk boards being able to offer a flexible signage solution where information can be quickly edited or changed. This is particularly useful when information is being changed regularly - such as “daily specials” or “catch of the day”.

Other business use-cases include office use, schedules, cleaning rotas and daily inspiration which can all be displayed using framed chalk boards. Framed chalk boards are also used around the home in kitchens and bedrooms.

At Red17, we aim to provide our customers with the most innovative signage solutions and our framed chalk boards are no exception. The majority of our products are suitable for outdoor and indoor usage, maintain security features and are recyclable.

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