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We offer a variety of high quality lecterns and pulpits to suit all of your needs, so if you're looking to buy lecterns or pulpits, Red17 is the right place for you. These portable lecterns are great for public speaking, conferences, workshops & training sessions, churches, exhibitions and events.

Red17's high quality lecterns are competitively priced and available with free delivery, so buy now or give us a call on 01234 240 007.

Lecterns Uses

Uses of Lecterns

You may not have heard of a lectern, but you’re sure to have seen one. A lectern is a flat, raised surface in which a speaker can lay their notes; they are available in standalone models, as well as those that sit upon a podium, desk or table. When delivering a speech, a speaker will stand behind a lectern and use it as a place to position their notes and literary materials. Though they differ slightly from a podium, they are similar.

The type of lectern you require will depend on the type of furniture you already have. For example, if you already have a desk or table to use for speeches you can simply add a desktop lectern. However, if you are in need of something to stand behind completely it’s best to choose a standalone lectern that sits easily on the floor.

When To Use A Lectern

Anyone who delivers a speech is sure to appreciate the benefits of using a lectern; not only is it a place to hold notes, a glass of water and anything else you require, but it also looks extremely professional. Plus, many people feel a lot more comfortable delivering a speech from behind a lectern as it puts a slight barrier between them and the crowd. Here are some of the most common uses of lecterns:

  • They are often used at universities and colleges where professors and lecturers address a large group of students. It isn’t uncommon for them to stand at the front behind a lectern or podium and deliver a class.
  • Many businesses have lecterns in boardrooms where someone will give a speech or hold a meeting. This is common among those who want to create a professional business atmosphere.
  • Those who provide training sessions often use a lectern, as they will have training materials and information to read from.
  • Lecterns can also be used for conferences, exhibitions and events where a member of the business team will be greeting and welcoming others.

At Red17 we can help you to find a lectern that suits your needs. Lecterns are available in a number of different colours and can be made from different materials, so it’s rarely a struggle to find one that matches existing furniture or interior design themes.

Additional Information

Lecterns Information

If you own a lecture hall or an events space, a staging area for presenters to stand and talk is essential. Lecterns can compliment your staging area and provide the speaker with authority. In addition, a podium provides the audience with a focal point, helping to increase levels of engagement and ensuring that the message behind the presentation is fully absorbed. Similarly if you're the one presenting, a podium can help to raise your own confidence levels and enhance your presentation, as well as providing a handy area to store your notes!

Our range of lecterns and pulpits are the perfect signage solution for all of your presentation and exhibition needs. Whatever your requirement our collection will fulfil all of your display and presentation needs.

Our lecterns come in a range of colour and finishes. Whether you're looking for a sleek metal lectern or a more practical wooden variation, we'll help you to select the perfect solution.

Desktop lecterns are a firm favourite for teachers and lecturers, due to their mobility and ease of use. If you, or your company, regularly presents in a number of locations, we'd recommend our folding desktop lecterns.

For those using their lectern for trade exhibitions, our range of portable display counters will be a vital component on your sales team. Capturing people's attention and attracting an audience can be much easier when using a lectern. This kind of visual queue provides your audience with information about your company and helps to raise levels of authority when speaking. Don't get caught out at your next event, invest in our quality presentation equipment and stand out from the crowd at your next trade show or exhibition.

Our collection also fulfils the needs of any church or religious establishment that requires an area to stand and speak whilst resting a religious book. Although we don't stock traditional lecterns, our selection should cater for modern religious preaching with our minimally designed products and cost effective pricing.

All of our lecterns and pulpits are available and in stock now, ready for next day delivery. If you need any help selecting the right product then give our friendly team a call on 01234 240 007.

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