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Brochure Stands from Red17 are still one of the best ways to get your brand, information and promotional advertising directly to your target audience. Our sleek and modern range of brochure stands will display your brochures and literature in a minimal, stylish and efficient manner. This will help to draw attention to your literature and contribute to improving the pick-up rate.

A huge range in stock, on sale and with bulk buy discounts & free delivery options, you're sure to find the right brochure stand for you!

Brochure Stands Uses

Uses of Brochure Stands

Brochure stands are a great addition to any business, whether that be an office based company or a community centre. In fact, there are very few environments where brochure stands don’t come in handy. Brochure stands can be used for much more than holding a brochure or two, as they work as a marketing stand and advertising table also.

Different Ways to Use Brochure Stands

When most people see a brochure stand they automatically assume that there’s one use and one use only, to hold brochures; but, this isn’t the case. There are many different ways to use brochure stands and almost all business types can benefit from one, for example:

  • Brochure stands can be used at a front desk or reception of an office building to provide visitors and guests with information about the company.
  • Brochure stands can be used in offices and administration departments to hold important staff documents, brochures and leaflets; anything that could be beneficial for an employee to have easy access to.
  • Travel agents often use brochure stands to display holiday brochures. This works well as the brochures are clearly displayed where customers can see them, which entices them to pick one up.
  • Any business that’s holding an event or open day can use a brochure stand to provide leaflets and information sheets to customers.
  • It’s possible to use brochure stands on the street outside of a business to display services, catalogues and information. This helps a business to reach those who would otherwise pass by.
  • Schools, community centres and churches can use brochure stands as a way to advertise special events and clubs.
  • Shops and retail stores can use brochure stands to hold catalogues, encouraging customers to buy at home.
  • Waiting rooms - such as those found in a doctor’s surgery or dentist - can use brochure stands to hold magazines and newspapers. This ensures they are easy to access for patients.

At Red17 we stock a range of different brochure stands, so there’s sure to be one that suits you and your business’ needs. The type of brochure stand you choose will depend on how and where you want to use it but there are a variety of sizes, colours and styles to choose from.

Additional Information

Brochure Stands for Trade Shows, Events, Schools or Offices

Our extensive catalogue of brochure stands includes floor standing, wall mounted and revolving variations in a range of colours, finishes and styles.

We stock a variety of floor racks designed to hold brochures at the optimal visual angle. These brochure stands are a fantastic solution for the majority of literature display needs.

Revolving brochure stands are another option, ideally suited for a company that uses a high amount of literature that needs to be accessible at all times. Although these are less cost-efficient, the added functionality and space saving potential makes this option an impressive display solution.

Our range of wall mounted brochure stands are another great space saving option, best suited to corridors or narrow spaces where a traditional display simply won't fit. Due to this, these are a small and very cost efficient solution which is perfect for any small business premises.

The majority of our brochure stands are available in a range of styles, including wire and mesh variations which are ideal for increasing viewability, ensuring that the entirety of your literature remains visible whilst protected by the stand.

In addition, we stock a variety of coated steel options which are lightweight yet sturdy solutions, built to ensure that your brochure stands have longevity yet are easily portable.

Our entire range benefits from low prices and fast delivery, so have a browse through our range and get in touch on 01234 240 007 if you have any questions.

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