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At Red17 we stock a great range of lecterns as well as a huge variety of portable exhibition display furniture, all available online and with next day and free delivery options across the UK. Click the relevant links to discover our range of products: lecterns, desktop lecterns, portable display counters, portable promo stands, church furniture, office furniture and tables & chairs.

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Lecterns & Display Furniture Uses

Uses of Lecterns & Display Furniture

When it comes to attending an exhibition, conference or another event it’s important for a business to be able to display what they need to with ease; even road shows and tradeshows will require a business to display some literature in one form or another. Failing to do so could see a business unable to make the big impression they need to and this is when competitors swoop in.

Lecterns and display furniture are used to show off products, highlight services and are also perfect for offering out leaflets and brochures. That way, whenever a potential client or customer walks by they are immediately enticed to find out more. Plus, without even paying too much attention a person can see who a business is, what they do and what they offer.

How To Use Lecterns & Display Furniture

Regardless of whether a business is a large, established company or it is just starting out, there a lot of benefits to investing in a high quality piece of display furniture or a lectern. There a lot of different ways a business can use lecterns and display furniture, such as:

  • To showcase the business’ logo or special offer at an event. With the business name and information clearly displayed, potential customers are able to immediately see who it is and what’s on offer.
  • To make the prospect of giving a speech or a training course that little bit easier. Lecterns are ideal for holding notes and documents when addressing a large group of people.
  • To entice people to check out what a business is offering at a trade show or exhibition. Display furniture is a good way to ‘frame’ a business’ area and it helps to grab attention. Rather than worrying about potential customers walking passed, a business is clearly visible.
  • To create an air of professionalism around a business. A business that has taken the time to invest in personalised displays and high quality furniture will look a lot more established than a business without.

There are a lot of different types of lecterns and display furniture, each with a different use. At Red17 we offer counters, plinths, podiums, tables and much more.

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Exhibition Portable Display Furniture and Lectern Stands

Exhibitions, road shows, tradeshows and events require companies to make a big impression when showing off their products and services, so whether you're a blue chip corporate or a one man band, Red17 are here to help you look your very best.

Offering display furniture in the form of counters, pop-ups, hop-ups, plinths, podiums and lecterns, not to mention carry cases, lighting and tables & chairs.

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