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The classroom whiteboard has become a staple part of the learning environment. Choosing which product is the most suitable school whiteboard is a challenge, and it can be difficult to know what would best suit your needs. With over 25 years of experience supplying schools with high quality teaching materials, our range includes a wide variety of solutions to suit all classroom scenarios. Whether you want to present ideas, brainstorm as a group or simply display a message, we have a whole host of versatile solutions to suit your needs.

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School Whiteboards Uses

Uses of School Whiteboards

Whats a classroom without a school whiteboard? School whiteboards are an important part of any learning environment and they’re helpful to both the teacher and children. However, it isn’t always easy to decide on the best school whiteboard for your specific needs. That is why we provide a vast range here at Red17; we stock handheld whiteboards, wall mounted whiteboards and freestanding whiteboards. All of which are durable, strong and ready for use in a classroom.

Gone are the days where school whiteboards were bulky and old looking, now it’s all about whiteboards that are modern and contemporary. All of our school whiteboards are thin and easy to use, meaning they take up as little room as possible. Plus, those that are handheld are lightweight and have been designed with children in mind.

Different Ways to Use School Whiteboards

  • As a learning tool in a classroom. School whiteboards mounted on a wall are the ideal way to address an entire class, as anything written down can be seen by all students.
  • As a way to encourage group activities in a classroom. For example, students can take it in turns to use the whiteboard in front of classmates to interact with the larger group.
  • Handheld whiteboards are a great way to encourage writing and communicating in younger children.
  • School whiteboards are also magnetic which makes them ideal for displaying posters, work, homework and certificates.
  • As a way to note down classroom rules, things to do and important information such as the date and time. Using a school whiteboard is perfect for this as the information can be seen by all children at all times, and they can refer back to it when they need to.
  • In a lecture hall or training facility as somewhere to highlight important topics being discussed.
  • To encourage group games and group learning activities. For example, a teacher can plan a game of Hangman or Noughts and Crosses for the entire class to enjoy as all students will be able to see what is happening. Without a whiteboard, activities such as thing are much more difficult.

When it comes to school whiteboards, come to Red17. The school whiteboards we supply are available in a range of different sizes and styles, so you’re sure to find the ideal whiteboard for your needs.

Additional Information

A good selection of classroom whiteboards - Buy School Whiteboards here!

Our range of Magnetic Glass Whiteboards are a classy and sophisticated alternative to the modern classic. Contemporary and stylish, this product is available in 10 different sizes and features a magnetic glass dry-wipe surface with chrome mounts.

If you're working to a budget and require a simple solution, our Dual Face Whiteboards are the perfect solution. Although this product is cost effective, it still benefits from our quality guarantee and comes complete with a pen tray and concealed corner fixings.

For something simple, our Hawk Flip Chart Easel is an economy product with a host of premium features. Not only is this product cost effective but is stable and durable, making it ideal for any classroom. Featuring fully adjustable telescopic legs and a hinged pad clamp this product is great for a variety of teaching techniques.

If you're looking for a handheld solution, our Handheld Magnetic A4 Whiteboards are ideal and come as a pack of 10. Featuring a harlequin colour design, these individual whiteboards are excellent for encouraging an interactive teaching method.

The WriteAngle® Revolving Whiteboard is a versatile and mobile product featuring a dual action pivot. Available with both a non-magnetic or magnetic surface, this product is perfect for a variety of scenarios. Featuring 4 castors, a sturdy steel frame, a supplied pen tray and an optional flip chart clip, this product is the ultimate interactive experience.

If you simply require a whiteboard for displaying messages in public spaces, our Freestanding Foyer Drywipe Notice Board is a great addition to the teacher's lounge or the main reception area. Easy to move about and aesthetically pleasing, this product is perfect for those all important messages and can be a great tool to utilise when fortifying communications.

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