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Large notice boards, small pin boards, indoor or outdoor, framed or frameless notice boards - we have them all! At Red17 you're sure to find the perfect notice board for you, whether you're looking for school notice boards for the classroom or pin notice boards for the office, you've come to the right place! Buy Notice Boards here.

Our selection of excellent value notice boards are the perfect solution for pinning your messages and displaying bulletin board information. Not only do we have daily promo codes and bulk buy quantity discounts but we now also offer Free Delivery on all orders over £75.

Notice Boards Uses

Uses of Notice Boards

You’d be forgiven for assuming that a notice board is only used in business receptions or to display important company information at the front desk, but there are actually a number of other uses of notice boards that people overlook. For example, without freestanding notice boards how do schools plan to offer an interactive learning experience for students? Without an outdoor notice board how can a restaurant display its menus or opening times?

At Red17 we stock a large variety of notice boards for all different uses and we often sell them to schools, offices and businesses; as well as to those who require a notice board in their home or study. All of the noticeboards at Red17 are available in different materials, sizes and colours. Plus, we even provide those with lockable mechanisms so the information displayed remains safe.

Different Ways to Use Notice Boards

It’s difficult to think of an environment that wouldn’t benefit from a notice board. Some of the most popular ways to use a notice board includes:

  • To display important office information such as work events, upcoming days off and public holidays.
  • To advertise events and days out that a business has organised for staff.
  • To display the opening hours or menu of a bar, club or restaurant.
  • To advertise drinks deals, special promotions and upcoming events in a bar.
  • To display children’s work, school trip information and inset days at a school or university.
  • To advertise special events and promotional offers at a shop or restaurant.
  • To display information at a meeting, conference or exhibition.
  • To display posters.
  • To showcase educational information such as alphabet posters, number sequences and ‘word of the day’ at nurseries and primary schools.

Whether you need a pin board, a cork board, a freestanding board or a lockable board for outdoor use - we have it covered. At Red17 we know just how useful having a notice board can be and we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise when trying to find exactly what you want; this is why we ensure our range is vast enough to cater to everyone’s needs and requirements.

Additional Information

Buy Pin Boards and Large Notice Boards

At Red17 we stock a huge range of boards to suit the needs of any school, home, office, business, company or organisation.

Our noticeboards are available in a number of different materials and sizes with lockable mechanisms for fixing to the walls. Whether you're after small or large notice boards, at Red17 we stock the right product for your business needs. Here you'll find a variety of products, including pin boards, lockable notice boards and showcases.

Our inventory of pin boards are available in a variety of colours, sizes and materials. Choose from felt, fabric or cork pin boards - perfect for office signage or as an addition to any work space.

We also stock an extensive range of dual noticeboards, that combine the functionality of a pin board with the simplicity of a white board. Our dual notice boards are available in a range of sizes including 600mm x 900mm, 900mm x 1200mm and 1200mm x 1800mm.

Lockable notice boards are another popular choice for any company requiring secure information display. We offer an extensive range of lockable notice boards that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Discounts are available on our lockable notice boards for bulk purchases!

Our range of freestanding notice boards, are ideally suited for educational environments that require interactive and engaging equipment.

We stock both indoor and outdoor notice boards and each product can be purchased in a variety of sizes. Our range of indoor notice boards are ideal for pinning up notes and other documents, whereas the outdoor boards function more effectively for displaying information.

Outdoor notice boards are perfect for any exterior usage. Our range of outdoor notice boards come in a huge variety of sizes and materials to suit any application. This makes outdoor notice boards the ideal signage solution for schools, restaurants and similar businesses and organisations.

Our selection of excellent value pin boards are the perfect solution for pinning your notes and displaying bulletin board information. Our range of commercial notice boards come in lockable and tamper proof variations, making them a great option for office and corporate buildings. If you need to display safety information or even inspirational messages to keep up team morale, then take a look at our range of pin boards.

All of our notice boards are made in the UK and are available with next day delivery nationwide. If we haven’t got the perfect notice board for you, give our friendly team a call on 01234 240 007 and we'll be able to source the product that you require.

We also have some great tips, help and advice on notice boards and pin boards here on our Red17 Blog.

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