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Display counters are the perfect solution for events, exhibitions and conferences. Easy to setup, lightweight to transport and built with minimal fuss, our wide range of products are ideal for that added touch of professionalism and branding. Whether you’re displaying for a trade show or any other kind of event, a portable display counter could be just what you need.

With solutions to suit all budgets, you don’t need to look any further. If you’re unsure which product will best suit your needs, then call our friendly team on 01234 240 007. We also offer these great products with Free Delivery on orders over £75.

Portable Display Counter Uses

Uses of Display Counters

The final touch to any successful exhibition or business gathering can be achieved by using portable display counters, which offer you and your partner's comfort and stability.

At Red17, we stock a wide variety of portable display counters in different shapes and sizes to suit any business needs, which will fit perfectly with any space available. Our products are made from high quality, eco-friendly materials, are stylish and will help you stand out from the crowd and make a positive impression. These products do not require any additional tools to be assembled as you have everything you need in the package. They also come in with carrying bags so to ensure transportation and storage is a piece of cake.

Different Ways to Use Portable Counters

Portable display counters are so practical and fun that you could use them anywhere. Some of the most common ways to use portable display counters include:

  • In shopping centres. For example, you can display your products and services in the hallways. It is easy, efficient and doesn’t require a lot of space yet it will be impossible for customers not to notice your business.
  • At exhibitions. For example, if at the end of the exhibition there will be a special event, all visitors can find out what they need to know.
  • In supermarkets. Use display counters to display new products to customers already in the market for an item, such as a new kind of chocolate or cheese.
  • At business meetings or presentations. Use a portable lectern display counter and carry on with your presentation. It is easy, stylish and can feature prints with your desired messages or logos.

If you’re interested in having portable counters for your business, we can help. At Red17 we have a broad range of professional display solutions, so there’s sure to be something to suit your needs. Take a look at our range of portable display counters to find out more.

Additional Information

Portable Display Counters Information

We offer a wide variety of products to suit your business needs and to fit within your space restrictions. Each item is stylish and robust, and will help you to stand out from the crowd to really make an impression.

If you’re looking for a display stand that’s a little different then our plinth products could be what you need. Available in plain colours or with custom graphics, these display units come in a variety of sizes and diameters to choose from. Lightweight and portable, these products require very little effort and can easily be transported in their flat pack state.

The Linear counter range is a great option for those looking for a professional and sophisticated-looking product. Each item is easy to assemble without tools thanks to the simplistic twist and lock system, and are also easily transportable with an optional carry case. Available with a custom graphic design as well, this range is ideal for conventions and trade shows.

If you’re looking for something that will set you apart from the others, our Comet product not only has a stylish stand but also comes with an attached banner. Perfect for making a statement, this product could be just what you need for your exhibitions.

For those who manage and run large conferences and require portable counters capable of supporting computer monitors, then our Mercury and Data Pod are the perfect solution. Small and ideal for restricted spaces, these products can support a small computer screen, keyboard and mouse, making them the ultimate platform for presentations.

Our larger portable workstations are an alternative solution for those who feel they need more workspace. Available in a variety of styles, this range of products is lightweight, collapsible and easy to transport. Not only are they great for events and exhibitions but they are also suitable for an office environment. These products can also be customised with your very own graphics.

If you work within a university or college, our Uni Banner Table could be ideal for your purposes. Professional, easy to put together and great to look at, this product provides a custom banner, small table and space to hold your leaflets or booklets. It also comes with a carry case for easy transportation.

Most of our products are suitable for indoor use only, but there will always be a situation where you may need something more durable. Our Tornado Outdoor Display Stand is the perfect solution. Weather proof and collapsible, it is the ideal solution for those displaying in an outdoor environment. Complete with customisable banner, this product will set you apart from the competition.

If you’re looking for the ultimate display counter, we’re sure you’ll find something in our wide range, but if we don’t quite meet your requirements, then give our team a call on 01234 240 007 and we’ll see if we can help. Additionally if you require some custom graphics for your stand, we have an in-house design team you can talk to.

Some of our most popular portable display counters are our Lecterns, check them out here.

At Red17 we offer a range of portable counters which are easy to setup and transport, making our display counters a vital component for any exhibition or trade show. Our extensive variety of portable counters include secure, robust and stylish options in order to suffice the needs of any company. So If you're company needs to stand out from the crowd at the next event you attend, look no further than our huge range of counters and accessories. Not the portable display counter you're after? Try our range of lecterns or get in touch with our friendly team on 01234 240 007 now!

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