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We offer a variety of affordable and high quality A-Boards and A Board signs which can be used in high footfall areas, such as pavements and forecourt areas, in order to promote your brand, business or organisation.

Also known as A-Frame Signs or Sandwich Board Signs, our A-boards are great for attracting lots of attention, promotion and simply directing people to the right place. Sale now on with free delivery options, so buy online today or call our friendly team on 01234 240 007.

A-Board Signs Uses

Uses of A-Board Signs

At Red17 we provide a range of different A-Board Signs which are suitable for many different businesses. Those that haven’t needed an A-Board before may be unsure as to whether one could come in handy but at Red17 we know that all industries can benefit from using an A-Board sign, whether that be to provide information or to market a product.

Different Ways to Use A-Board Signs

A-Boards are much more than just boards that stand outside of a shop or restaurant, and they can be used as an effective marketing tool for services, products and promotions. Some of the most popular ways to use A-Boards include:

  • To promote a specific product or service, such as a special offer, sale or a deal of the day. This use of A-Boards is frequently used among high street shops, cafes and restaurants.
  • To attract the attention of those walking by and people who would not have otherwise noticed the business. An A-Board can encourage someone to pop in and see what’s on offer, or it’ll peak their interest for the future. This is commonly used by high street shops when they have a sale on.
  • To advertise an event, fete or family day at a restaurant, pub or shop. This use of A-Board signs is to encourage attendance from people, to advertise what’s happening and to provide key pieces of information.
  • As a comedic tool. A lot of bars and pubs who want to attract a younger crowd use A-Board signs on the street to tell a joke or to make a pun. This attracts potential customers’ attention and helps to establish a relationship. Even if they don’t enter there and then, they’re likely to remember it for future reference.

There are a lot of different A-board signs to choose from and the size, style and colour you choose will depend on how it is going to be used. For example, some businesses prefer a small and discrete A-Board sign and others require one that really grabs attention. At Red17 we provide a variety of high quality A-Boards, all of which provide you with a great way to advertise or market the business.

Additional Information

A Board signs have been around for many years and are a very popular choice for businesses, schools and private individuals to use as advertising, promoting or simply providing informational signage. Being highly portable and with their A frame design and double sided displays, these sturdy products offer a lot of impact for a low cost.

Available to buy from our store today with free delivery on orders above £75* these come in a range of sizes from 60" x 40" down through the A sizes, A0, A1, A2, etc. and also offered in a variety of colour options.

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You'll be sure to find the perfect product from the huge selection of A boards signs we have available, in stock in many sizes, colours and with or without print options. If you're looking for something specific or need help with your selecting your pavement signs

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