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Handheld whiteboards are a practical, lightweight and great for brainstorming in the office or interactive learning in the classroom. Also known as 'laptop whiteboards' or 'show me boards', these products are a great tool for easily displaying important information and encouraging engagement. By using whiteboards in a variety of ways, sports coaches and teachers alike are able to adapt their teaching to appeal to all students.

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Handheld Whiteboards Uses

Uses of Handheld Whiteboards

If you are interested in finding a fun and creative way to interact with your audience during a training session, a meeting or with friends, choosing handheld whiteboards may actually be the answer to all your needs. This tool offers you the flexibility and ease to display important messages in any environment as they are lightweight, easy to store and carry around. At Red17, we understand that a great business needs flexibility and the proper tools for creativity. Therefore, we have selected a wide range of A3 and A4 handheld whiteboards for you to choose from.

Different Ways to Use Handheld Whiteboards

Handheld whiteboards, also known as laptop whiteboards, are so practical and fun that you could use them anywhere. Some of the most common ways to use handheld whiteboards include:

  • At home. For example, you can use the boards in the kitchen to write down shopping lists or quick ‘to do’ lists for the other members of the family.
  • During classes. For example, you can engage your students in interesting activities by creating work groups and giving them handheld whiteboards to write their ideas on, and then present them in front of the class.
  • Outdoors with friends. You can use handheld whiteboards in all sorts of fun games such as crosswords.
  • During sports activities. For example, during practice, a coach can easily and effortlessly draw new game strategies and tips as we have a wide range of whiteboards with popular sports pre-printed onto a dry-wipe surface.
  • At workshops. For example, you can use handheld whiteboards for all participants to write down feedback at the end of the session.
  • As an interactive learning at home tool for your child. Your child can draw or write on these whiteboards and help you save a lot of paper.

At Red17, we have a wide range of distinctive handheld whiteboards, all of which are dry-wipe and magnetic in different shapes and colours. Whether you are a school, business, training centre you will find using handheld whiteboards a great tool. So get in touch today with our sales team to find out more about what’s on offer.

Additional Information

Handheld Whiteboards Information

Our Handheld A3 and A4 Whiteboards are ideal for being used in the classroom. Capable of creating a hands-on learning experience, these boards come in a pack of 6 and are incredibly versatile. Conveniently sized, these products can be easily stored in a rucksack or satchel and feature a double sided drywipe surface suitable for workshops and seminars.

If you're looking for something that embodies the personality of your classroom, our brightly coloured Handheld Magnetic A4 Whiteboards are a great choice. Excellent for brightening up the classroom and creating a fun learning environment for all ages, these handheld whiteboards are ergonomically designed for ease of use.

For those who want to motivate their sports team, improve on-pitch tactics and brainstorm new strategies, our Handheld Whiteboard Tactical Sports Boards are a great cost effective choice. Available with a wide range of sports pitch designs to choose from, these popular handheld whiteboards come pre-printed and are easy to clean.

Handheld whiteboards collection contains a range of A3 and A4 whiteboards. The small, convenient sizes makes them perfect for students and children of any age to enjoy a fun and engaging experience. Great for seminars, sports activities and workshops too.

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