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Magnetic whiteboards are an essential part of every classroom and a key component for every office. Practical, useful and professional, whiteboards are a great solution for teaching, promoting communication and teamwork. All of our magnetic whiteboards are economically priced yet well built and made to last, easy to install with an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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Magnetic Whiteboards Uses

Uses of Magnetic Whiteboards

We’ve all seen magnetic whiteboards being used in the classroom, but you may be surprised at the many other uses they have. For example, magnetic whiteboards are commonly used in offices and meeting rooms. In this day and age whiteboards aren’t just reserved for the classroom and they’re being used all over; this has made them one of Red17’s top selling products.

All of the magnetic whiteboards we stock here at Red17 have a coated steel edging and concealed corner mounting, which ensures they look professional and understated at all times. Though, of course, there are more colourful options for areas where the large magnetic whiteboard needs to stand out or match other items. Plus, they all come with a pen tray and fixings. So, what are the different uses of magnetic whiteboards?

How Can Magnetic Whiteboards Be Used?

We have whiteboards to fit every type of use, which is great as we are noticing that more and more people are opting for a magnetic whiteboard over other alternative options. Magnetic whiteboards can be used:

  • As an interactive tool in the classroom. Magnetic whiteboards work well when teachers want to make notes, complete sums in front of a large class or teach spelling. Really, there are very few lessons that can get by without using a magnetic whiteboard.
  • As a place to brainstorm or make notes in a meeting. For many years offices would use large flipcharts, which only creates paper waste. Instead, a magnetic whiteboard offers a reusable place to write; one that can be wiped away when the next group of people use the room.
  • At the front desk of an office or workplace to make a note of events for the week, as well as a being a place to post bulletins and important information.
  • At home in an office or study as an organisational tool for those who work from home. When working from home it can be difficult to stay on top of weekly tasks, but a magnetic whiteboard offers the perfect place to make lists and write memos.

Whether you’re looking for a large magnetic whiteboard, a freestanding option or one that is suitable for desktop - we have it covered. At Red17 we pride ourselves on ensuring every use of magnetic whiteboards is considered and we have a product that will tick all of the boxes.

Additional Information

Red17 are a UK Supplier of Magnetic Whiteboards

If you’re looking for a clean writing surface to have in the office, student union or bar, but don’t want to buy magnetic whiteboard, our coloured magnetic glass whiteboards are the perfect alternative. Available in 11 different colours, this product is very stylish and looks great. Made from toughened safety glass, the coloured notice board has a great modern look about it and is easy to clean.

For those in an environment that requires a large amount of writing space – perhaps your team meetings prefer to brainstorm things out on paper – our revolving whiteboards collection could have what you’re looking for. Not only are these products able to turn the full 360° but their pivot allows them to be easily visible to the whole room. Also highly portable, our revolving whiteboards are made from a sturdy structure with wheels.

If you’re simply looking for something more standard, we also offer a variety of flip chart easels that come with a magnetic dry erase board. Perfect for presentations and team meetings, these flip chart easels are designed to be easily portable and simple to put away.

Those who want something a little different, our range of freestanding signs could be ideal. Available in three different shapes, each product has a dry wipe magnetised surface that is great for displaying your message. These products are strong and durable and the hollow base can be filled with sand for extra stability.

Teachers looking to improve the classroom environment might be interested in our desktop range which comes in a variety of forms. Each design is colourful and child friendly to help create a more interactive learning environment. These products are magnetic as well as portable and are designed to be easy to put away.

However, some of these products are quite large which is ideal for group work, but we also offer a handheld boards that are perfect for individual assignments. These ‘show me’ boards are a great teaching solution and will go a long way to liven up the learning environment. Plus, they’re great fun too!

Magnetic whiteboards for sale here! If you’re unsure which product best suits your needs, or if you would like to talk about a specific product’s features then feel free to contact our sales team on 01234 240 007. We also offer next day delivery to anywhere in the UK if purchased before 3pm. We also offer Free Delivery on all orders over £75.

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