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Mobile whiteboards help create a greater level of interaction – particularly in the classroom or when brainstorming an office meeting. Our comprehensive range has a variety of options to help with boardroom presentations or classroom engagement.

Suitable for almost any audience, our range of mobile and portable whiteboards are a great choice as they can be easily stored, easily assembled and easily transported. No matter what whiteboard you require, we're sure you'll find it here. So order online today with free delivery available and bulk buy discounts or call our team on 01234 240 007.

Mobile Whiteboards Uses

Uses of Portable and Mobile Whiteboards

If you’re looking for a better way to interact with an audience during a training session, a business meeting or during classes, a portable or mobile whiteboard could be the answer. They offer you the flexibility to display your message in any environment as they are easy to assemble, store and move around. Using portable and mobile whiteboards during your presentations gives your creativity a boost and engages the audience well, whilst displaying information clearly.

At Red17, we have selected a wide range of portable and mobile whiteboards in different shapes and heights to perfectly suit your needs.

Different Ways to Use Portable and Mobile Whiteboards

Portable and mobile whiteboards can be used in an office, at home or in any other kind of business location. With these products, the sky's the limit. Some of the most common uses of portable and mobile whiteboards include:

  • In an office to write down any ideas or in brainstorming sessions.
  • During a business meeting. A lot of people engage visually, so any important idea should be easily written down on a board to help with your presentation.
  • During training sessions to write down important information. These portable and mobile whiteboards are a better alternative to bulkier whiteboards that are fixed to a wall. Also, you can use several smaller mobile whiteboards for team work.
  • At home. For example, you can play and learn new things with your child by writing down words, numbers and any other information which can help them in their development. Not to mention that you can use these boards to keep yourself organised by writing down ‘to do’ lists and goals.
  • At school. For example, during outdoor classes. Using portable and mobile whiteboards outdoor will make children to enjoy their classes. Plus, they offer a way to keep their attention for longer periods of time, as using whiteboards is often a novelty.

At Red17 we have a wide range of different portable and mobile whiteboards, all of which are dry-wipe and magnetic in different shapes and colours. Whether you are a school, business, training centre or an office you will find using portable and mobile whiteboards a lifesaving tool. Get in touch today to find out more about what’s on offer.

Additional Information

Great products at Great Prices. See further details on some of our most popular portable and mobile whiteboards...

For something simplistic yet practical, our Ultimate Mobile Flip Chart Easel is great for presentations. Available in 6 different colours, this product features a height adjustable column and a round tubular steel base for added stability.

Alternatively, our Hawk Flip Chart Easel is the perfect economy choice featuring a tripod-style system with a rear leg which supports the easel whilst standing. Also with a fully adjustable height, this is a practical and easy to store product for those with a tight budget.

We also provide two Revolving Whiteboards. One pivots on a horizontal axis, whilst our WriteAngle® Revolving Whiteboard features a dual action pivot, ideal if you require additional surface space for your presentation.

If you're looking for a portable whiteboard in the classroom, we provide the Junior Mobile Whiteboards which are freestanding, double-sided and height adjustable. Available in two sizes, these are the perfect classroom tool.

Our best selling product from the Junior range is our Junior Mobile Tilting Magnetic Whiteboard that comes with an integral pen tray on a sturdy frame. Perfect for encouraging teamwork, this product has a pivotal whiteboard with a lock mechanism.

Similar to the two previous products, the Big Book Store and Write Mobile Magnetic Whiteboard is designed to display books, whilst also offering a practical magnetic whiteboard easel but also comes with a handy storage tray – perfect for when your class is working on a specific project.

The junior range products mentioned above are all freestanding and so in order to cater to all our customer requirements, we also offer the Desktop Drywipe Whiteboard Easel which is a desktop solution capable of encouraging collaborative teamwork.

If you would like to know more about any of our products, please call our professional and friendly sales team on 01234 240 007.

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