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When it comes to exhibiting at conferences and trade shows, a standard display area isn’t always enough. Especially when you end up looking around and feeling inadequate against your competition. There is an easy solution to this: roller banner stands.

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Roller Banner Stand Uses

Uses of Roller Banner Stands

It isn’t always easy to stand out at a conference, exhibition or trade show and standard displays are often lost in the crowd; this is because they are not as easy to see from a distance and they’re not able to display a lot of information. This is where roller banner stands come in.

At Red17 we offer a range of different roller banner stands that can be used at conventions, exhibitions, in store and at events. Roller banner stands are available in a range of different styles, widths and heights. So, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly.

Different Ways To Use Roller Banner Stands

As roller banner stands are portable, easy to use and lightweight they are one of the most popular display solutions. Many business owners assume that roller banner stands are only for use at exhibitions, but this isn’t the case. Some of the most common ways to use roller banner stands include:

  • To advertise a special offer, service or product in store. Whether it’s a restaurant advertising an event or a gym advertising a new membership, roller banner stands work well. They allow a business to advertise where their customers are most likely to see it. Plus, displays can be moved around to new locations if required.
  • To market a business at an event. Standard displays often get lost among crowds and competitors at events but as roller banner stands allow for tall and sturdy advertisements, they often work considerably better. They’re easier to spot and there’s a lot of room for logos, text and bold colours.
  • To direct potential customers or clients to a location. For example, if a business is in a specific room at an event or exhibition, a roller banner stand can be used to help people find what they are looking for.
  • To display information. Shops, restaurants and offices can use roller banner stands outside the front of their business to market a product or service to those walking by.

For more information on roller banner stands and how they can benefit your business, get in touch. At Red17 we understand that every business is different and so we provide a range of roller banner stands to choose from.

Additional Information

Roller banners are ideal for brands that want to stand out, especially at tradeshows and exhibitions.

Red17 offer a wide variety of roller banner stands for you to choose from, including varying heights, widths and styles. All of our products come with adjustable poles and a carry bag for easy transportation.

For a more enhanced and visual display area, a roller banner stand is the perfect advertising solution and a great way to appeal to those walking by as well as those across the room. Lightweight and portable, roller banner stands are ideal for exhibitions and expos and allow you to make the most of all the allocated space.

Our Delta range features a stylish carry bag, adjustable poles and adjustable feet as well as chrome finish end covers and approximately 2000mm of graphics. This exclusive design is available in two widths and is a great addition to any display space.

For those who require more variety, our Mosquito range has six widths to choose from and comes with two adjustable feet for added stability. Available as part of an indoor display, this product is ideal for added branding and advertising.

If you’re looking for something more stylish, our Blade Plus range is designed with a polished low profile and a smart exterior whilst maintaining the necessary stability to support the banner.

Alternatively, our Orient and Atlantic products feature a front-loading graphic that pulls up for added visibility. Produced with a hybrid telescopic pole makes it easy to assemble and even easier to take apart.

For some, a full size banner could be too much and so we provide a Mini range where a variety of sizes are available to suit your needs and space restrictions. These easy-to-assemble mini banners are perfect for an added amount of advertising to your desktop and are ultra-compact for easy transportation.

If you require something larger than the above mentioned products, we do offer the Original Plus which can be bought up to 2000mm wide. This provides a cost effective solution for large graphics and thus making it easier to communicate your message.

If you’re unsure which product will best suit your needs, contact our sales team today on 01234 240 007.

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