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At Red17, we stock a large catalog of freestanding flags and flag poles. Our range of products will make your business stand out from the crowd at any event. All of our high quality freestanding flags come with print work included at a quick turn around time.

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Freestanding Flags Uses

Uses of Freestanding Flags

If you are looking for a fun, easy and colourful way to display messages or a brand’s names and logos, you have come to the right place. Using freestanding flags for your indoor or outdoor activities will make a positive impact on all visitors.

At Red17, we stock a wide variety of freestanding flags in different shapes and sizes to suit any business. Our products are eco-friendly, lightweight, easy to store and move around, durable, flexible, and weather-proof. Not to mention, that the price includes a digital print with your desired graphics; we work fast to help you finish your organisation plans in plenty of time.

Different Uses of Freestanding Flags

Maybe at first sight, freestanding flags may seem like a simple product with a limited range of applications. This is not the case as they have multiple uses which made them popular with many businesses. Some of the most common uses of freestanding flags include:

  • Outside a petrol station. For example, you can display the names and logos of the main suppliers of that particular location.
  • In schools, universities or colleges. For example, at the end of the year, when you are preparing the graduation event you can use freestanding flags with messages of congratulation and good luck for all graduates.
  • In athletic fields. For example, if there is a competition which was also sponsored by different companies, you can use freestanding flags to display their name and logo.
  • At an exhibition or festival. For example, if you are holding a festival in your town display eye-catching information about what type of activities or plays are being prepared.
  • At leisure centres or the beach. Inform customers about products, services, restrooms and other facilities.
  • Outside a shop. You can effortlessly use freestanding flags to display information about upcoming sales.

If you want to know more about freestanding flags and want to get inspired on how you can use them for your business, get in touch today. Our sales team will answer all your questions. Let Red17 successfully fulfil all your promotional needs.

Additional Information

Freestanding Flags: Choose your advertising carefully

All companies at the event you will be attending will be starting with the same stand package as you and so you need to think about how your stand can be better than those around you. Outdoor banners are a great way to include your company branding, display your company message and draw attention to you. The only drawback is; almost everyone there will be adopting a similar tactic. So how do you stand out from the competition? Portable flag poles are the answer.

Getting people to visit your stand is essentially about standing out from the crowd. Advertising your brand is the main aim of the game, and flag banners & portable flag poles are a great way of doing this. Not only because they're a little different, but they can be seen from a distance as well and therefore more likely to make an impression.

Top tip: Be sure to include accurate branding across every component of your stand for this tactic to work successfully.

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