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Literature stands are essential promotional products for almost any business. They allow you to share, promote and display printed information such as flyers, menus, leaflets, pamphlets & brochures, with your audience in a professional and engaging manner.

Whether it's counter top menu & sign holders, wall mounted leaflet dispensers, freestanding brochure stands or portable literature stands you require, you've come to the right place. Buy online with free and next day delivery options or give our friendly team a call on 01234 240 007.

Literature Stands Uses

Uses of Literature Stands and Leaflet Dispensers

Most businesses will have some form of literature they want displayed, whether that be a menu, brochure or promotional leaflet. However, if they are displayed in a way that appears disorganised or messy it leaves many customers and clients not wanting to take one, which defeats the point of having them on display altogether. Luckily, with the help of literature stands and leaflet dispensers businesses can display different types of literature in a neat and tidy way.

Different Uses Of Literature Stands and Leaflet Dispensers

You may not have realised that there are quite as many uses for stands and dispensers as there actually are. The most common uses are:

  • Literature stands and leaflet dispensers are common in shops and businesses that need to give out a lot of information in brochure form. For example, travel agents can use a literature stand or leaflet dispenser to display their holiday brochures and to encourage a potential customer to take one. If they were not displayed in such a professional way, customers are less likely to engage.
  • Offices often use literature stands and leaflet dispensers to hold important documents that staff members may need. This is a common thing to do in offices that have generic forms such as holiday request forms and sick day forms; rather than each individual having to search for one, they are easy to find in one place.
  • Many businesses choose to place a leaflet dispenser on the front desk of the building or anywhere a customer or client is likely to wait. This appeals to those who will see the leaflet and take one on impulse. It’s a good way to market a product or service to those who may not have otherwise seemed interested.
  • Doctor, dentist and hospital waiting rooms can all use brochure stands and leaflet holders. Not only are they a great way to offer informative leaflets about services and treatments, but they’re perfect for holding magazines and medical brochures.
  • Literature stands and leaflet dispensers can be used in restaurants, takeaways and cafes as a way to display menus. This provides a neat and tidy alternative to having them splayed across a table or at the front desk.

At Red17 our range of literature stands and literature dispensers is vast, meaning there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a desktop dispenser or a floor length stand, we have it covered. Check out the options available.

Additional Information

Our range of literature stands and dispensers have been developed to suit the needs of any individual, company or organisation requiring a display solution for their promotional literature.

Wall Mounted Leaflet Dispensers. If you’re looking to organise your leaflets and magazines, a wall mounted dispenser may be the perfect solution. Both professional and space saving, these solutions are ideal for keeping your reading material neat and tidy. Not only do you save time on reorganising the material on display, but it’s easier for your customers to browse them too.

We stock a variety of desktop leaflet dispensers, which are ideally suited for shops, libraries and public spaces. Due to the wide selection we have available, we’re able to provide desktop leaflet dispensers that are suitable for almost any purpose!

Our range of portable literature stands is ideal for trade-shows and exhibitions. If you're looking for a literature stand that looks professional and effectively displays literature, then we have exactly what you’re looking for. Tradeshows and exhibitions are important for displaying your brand messaging and ensuring you do so in an effective manner. Whether you're wanting to display media packs, leaflets, brochures or any other kind of literature, we have cost effective solutions to suit all your business needs.

Our sleek and modern range of brochure stands will display your brochures and literature in a minimal and efficient manner. This will help to draw attention to your literature and contribute to improving the pick-up rate.

Buy Holders for Menus and Signs. Displaying your menu is a vital part of running an establishment that sells food and drink. Finding effective ways to display your menus and signs can be tricky, but when done correctly, can prove to be key to the marketing of your business and retention of customers.

If it's corporate literature your looking to display then check out our great range of Brochure Stands. At Red17, we stock a comprehensive range of literature stands and leaflet dispensers, but if we haven't got the perfect display solution for you give our friendly team a call on 01234 240 007.

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