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Flip Chart Easels and Whiteboard Easels are fundamental in many situations. Suitable for the workplace or a school, they are a practical instrument and offer a number of uses. Whether you're looking to brainstorm ideas in the classroom, talk through a presentation in the workplace or make a conference more demonstrative, flip charts and whiteboard easels are a cost effective tool.

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Whiteboard Easels Uses

Great for Office Presentations and Teaching in Schools

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to present your messages to your business partners, to teach important things during classes or to have a great tool to use during brainstorming sessions, using flip chart and whiteboard easels may turn out to be the optimal solution for your needs.

At Red17, we understand the particularities and needs of every business, and that is why we have gathered the best tools to help you run your business both professionally and smoothly. Our team of experts has carefully selected the best flip chart and whiteboards easels to suit every possible need, and they also made sure all products are manufactured from high-quality materials, are easy to use and assemble and that also gives great flexibility in terms of height adjustability.

Different Ways to Use Flip Chart Easels and Whiteboard Easels

Flip Chart and Whiteboard Easels can be used in an office, at home or in any other kind of business location. So it is time to get creative as these items are extremely versatile and popular. Some of the most common uses of flip chart and whiteboards easels include:

  • During a business meeting. For example, if you are a sales company, you can use flip chart and whiteboard easels to display graphics to help your partner get a better picture about the impact that the market will experience if they work with you.
  • During training sessions. Any good trainer knows how important is to write down any crucial information for his participants, and using a reliable flip chart will be of great help.
  • In an office. For example, your team is working on a new market plan, during those fun brainstorming sessions, a flip chart and whiteboard easels will be a life saviour.
  • At home. Help your child learn new things or play with friends while using some fun canvas to write or draw on.

For more information and ideas on how you can use flip chart and whiteboard easels and how they can benefit your business, get in touch today with our team experts. At Red17, we have a wide range of flip chart and whiteboards easels in different styles and sizes to fit perfectly any possible need.

Additional Information

We stock a superb range of both whiteboard easels and flip chart easels

Not only are flip charts and whiteboard easels practical and useful, they're also a great commodity in many environments, allowing for individuals to better express themselves. We provide a wide variety of products to suit all needs, including child friendly options for the classroom, see our Whiteboards for Kids here.

For those who are looking to solve their problem with a cheap solution, our Economy Flip Chart Easel is perfect for those who are money conscious. Featuring a tripod stand, this product is easy to transport, easy to put together and includes a clip-on pen tray as well.

Also featuring a tripod stand, our Hawk Flip Chart Easel is a stable and durable product ideal for business environments. It comes with telescopic legs that are fully adjustable and can be bought in either black or white.

Available in a variety of six colours, our Loop Leg Flip Chart Easels are the perfect compact solution and also feature a drywipe surface. The loop leg design provides a very stable base and the height is fully adjustable.

Easily the most popular flip chart in our range and currently a bestseller is our Ultimate Mobile Flip Chart Easels. Highly mobile whiteboard with flip chart clamp, available in 6 colours and comes complete with a height adjustable column. The whiteboard is magnetic and the frame made from tubular steel making it the ideal all round easel for your meeting rooms and offices.

If you're looking for a more premier product, the Conference Pro Flip Chart Easel could be just what you need. This product consists of a height adjustable board and features a side arm with paper clamps to display completed sheets – ideal for business meetings and conferences.

In a classroom environment, it's important to have child-appropriate equipment and our Junior Mobile Writing Board Easel is ideal for encouraging an interactive learning space. Easy to store and simple to assemble, this product is ideal for the classroom and is designed with a harlequin colour theme.

The Share and Write Junior Easel is a double-sided desktop writing board designed to encourage collaborative projects between children. One side of the board is a magnetic drywipe and the other is a chalk board, allowing children to become involved with different materials.

Our Read and Write Folding Desktop Whiteboard is a handy portable whiteboard that features a full-length book ledge and carry handles for practical reasons, including easy transportation. Ideal for business situations where you may be required to give a presentation offsite, this product can be folded flat and comes with a five year guarantee.

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