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Poster frames are a great signage tool for any business, organisation or even personal use! Whether for indoor or outdoor use we have a huge range of small and large poster frames, available in a variety of sizes, to suit your needs. Not just frames for posters - poster frames are perfect for showing off products and services, special events and also promotional offers.

Our poster frames are made with a snap action mechanism (poster snap frames) for locking the poster in place and are supplied with anti-glare cover sheets. If you're looking to bulk buy poster frames? Talk to our friendly team on 01234 240 007.

Poster Frames Uses

Hanging posters at work or at home is common and posters work well to brighten up any area; they are especially popular among businesses who want to make the interior a little more enjoyable for customers and clients who visit. You may initially assume - as many people do - that poster frames are solely for showcasing posters but this isn’t the case. Poster frames have a wide range of uses and they are becoming more and more widely used.

The Many Uses of Poster Frames

Poster frames are not just for hanging posters and though this is what they were initially created for, it didn’t take long for businesses to realise that they work just as well in other ways. Some of the most popular uses of poster frames include:

  • Protecting a poster that is important or protecting a poster you do not want to get damaged. This use is popular among people who have posters that could be worth a lot of money, are signed by someone important or are simply a personal favourite.
  • To protect posters that need to be hung outside where water damage or vandalism could occur. Many businesses like to use posters to market their products and placing them outside is one of the best ways to reach a wide audience of people who walk by. However, this runs the risk of the poster being damaged. Luckily, poster frames offer protecting.
  • In clubs and bars to protect posters that could otherwise be damaged on a nightly basis. With so many people moving around clubs and bars it isn’t uncommon for posters to be pulled off walls, torn or ruined. A poster frame allows you to invest in a marketing poster that will last as long as you need it to.
  • To show off a product, service or promotional offer. This use of poster frames is most common in shops and restaurants when a specific deal needs to be marketed.

At Red17 we have a great selection of poster snap frames for you to choose from, with different colours, finishes, sizes and styles available. This means you are sure to find the exact poster frame you want, one that perfectly suits your requirements. There are a lot of different poster frames to choose from and the type that will best suit you will depend on its intended use. For example, some of our poster frames are brightly coloured and others are more subtle. Similarly, some of the poster frames at Red17 are designed for indoor use and others work best outside.

Additional Information

Frames for Posters

Our range of poster frames has been developed and selected to supply the needs of any individual, company or organisation requiring promotional or informational poster framing services in the UK.

Our poster frames are available in sizes: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5, not to mention our large poster frames like 60" x 40" all available in a wide range of colours.

We stock an extensive portfolio of standard snap opening poster frames (or poster snap frames) as well as a secure range, lockable poster snap frames, for use in outdoor or public areas. All our poster frames are available in a wide variety of colours including our most popular the black poster frame.

Our range of secure poster snap frames come in a range of colours, finishes, widths and styles so they can fulfil your visual needs whilst protecting your poster. This range of poster frames are perfect for any business or organisation that displays information outdoors or in area where theft and vandalism may occur. The extra protection provided by this frames means that you can rest easy, knowing that your material is protected.

Along with secure poster snap frames, we also stock a wide variety of illuminated poster frames. These stylish poster cases are ideal for menus and restaurant material. These can be used either indoor or outdoor and come in a select range of colours, making them an extremely versatile signage solution. Our illuminated frames are a firm favourite of restaurants and public houses as they draw attention to your menu or display, making them easily visible even in low lighting conditions.

We also stock a variety of freestanding poster displays, which are ideally suited for showrooms, museums or seminars. Due to the unparalleled choice we have available, we’re able to provide a freestanding poster solution that’s suitable for almost any purpose!

Framed chalkboards are another popular and cost-effective poster frame solution. These frames are often used in eateries including pubs and restaurants and can be a highly effective solution for bringing in more business by quickly changing offers and promotions.

All of our poster frames come in a variety of colours, widths and sizes to fulfil all possible display needs. But if we haven’t got the correct size for you – just give us a call on 01234 240 007 and our friendly team will be able to source the poster frame that you require. Please let us know if you're looking to buy poster frames in bulk so that can provide you with exclusive discounts and repeat custom offers.

In addition, we also offer a printing and design service, so if you require professional promotional material for your posters look no further!

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