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Many businesses will benefit from poster displays and they’re a popular, cost effective choice for offices, shops, cafes, schools and universities alike. Poster cases have a variety of uses and are an additional benefit when it comes to livening the place up, but as with all benefits, there’s always an opposing issue: vandalism.

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Vandal Resistant Poster Cases Uses

Uses of Vandal Resistant Poster Cases

We know that every now and then all successful businesses deal with some unwanted situations. Your business is important, and it should be kept secure at any given time. But, if there is something we cannot control its vandalism. Luckily there is always a solution. Display your images and messages using vandal resistant poster cases and forget about stress.

At Red17, we understand how important the safety of your business is and that is why we have selected the best tools to help you display all your messages and information professionally and securely. Regardless of whether you are displaying inside or out, securing your posters is vital in keeping up your professional appearance with a 100% guarantee that they will not be damaged.

Different Uses of Vandal Resistant Poster Cases

Every kind of organisation can profit from the use of vandal resistant poster cases. The most popular uses include:

  • Outside shops. For example, you can use these poster cases to display brands’ posters or logos. Furthermore, our vandal resistant posters cases will help you safely showcase any deals that you have prepared for your customers.
  • In schools. For instance, you can display information about school’s curricula, tests or events both inside and out.
  • In flats. Any flat administrator knows how important is to have a fitting means of communication with all building tenants and using the appropriate tool will help to do just that.
  • Outside cafes, pubs or restaurants. You can display information about special offers and meal deals securely and professionally. This will make an impact on your customers as they will see how important is for you to keep your business safe, and they will feel safe as well.

At Red17, we have a wide variety of vandal resistant poster cases for businesses to choose from that guarantee a high visual impact. All our vandal resistant poster cases are of great quality and weatherproof so that you can benefit from their use over a long of period time.

No matter how you plan to use vandal resistant poster cases, you’re sure to find what you need at Red17. So get in touch today to find out more.

Additional Information

Poster Case Notice Boards with Vandal Resistant Features

Vandalism is a big problem for a number of companies and the best way to protect your posters is with a Vandal Resistant Poster Case. Whether you're displaying inside or out, protecting your posters is important to maintaining your professional appearance and ensuring they're not defaced.

Our range of Vandal Resistant Poster Cases are made with a heavy duty frame and each product features a high specification lock and hinge system for maximum security.

These products are available for both indoor and outdoor use and are weather resistant. They also feature tamper resistant characteristics and are available for next day delivery.

Whether you're displaying posters for the local theatre or movie screening, advertising a local event or providing information, this range is ideal and features a reinforced lock and hinge for added security and peace of mind.

The front of the poster case is made from 2mm thick plastic that is able to protect the contents from vandalism and poor weather whilst still maintaining great visibility.

If you have any questions, please contact our friendly team on 01234 240 007.

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