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Framed notice boards offer a sturdier more durable board than frameless notice boards and surround the board with concealed corner wall fixings creating a popular professional bulletin board for you office notices and messages.

We offer these boards in a myriad of colours & sizes and with bulk buy quantity discounts and free & next day delivery options you're sure to find the right framed notice board for you. Buy online or call our team for further product information on 01234 240 007.

Framed Notice Boards Uses

Uses of Framed Notice Boards

When it comes to finding a notice board, it isn’t always as easy as you may have initially assumed. For example, some notice boards are fun and bright, whereas others are dull and formal. So, what do you do if you want a notice board that looks great but is also professional? You choose one of Red17’s fantastic aluminium framed notice boards.

Our framed notice boards are available in a range of colours, sizes and styles. Each has an aluminium frame which creates a professional feel, meaning these boards don’t look out of place in a corporate environment. However, the bright and vibrant colours inject a hint of fun into the workplace. All of our aluminium framed notice boards have been made with high quality materials, meaning they last a long time. When you choose a Red17 notice board you are guaranteed a strong and durable product.

Different Uses of Framed Notice Boards

Our framed notice boards are extremely popular and this is because they work well in a range of business environments. Regardless as to what the notice board is being used for, it does the job well. Some of the most common places aluminium framed notice boards are used include:

  • In schools and colleges to showcase student work, to display important information and to showcase posters of upcoming events.
  • In universities to provide students and staff with general information, as well as advertising upcoming events and fundraisers. Universities can also use notice boards to advertise extra curricular activities and clubs
  • In offices and workplaces to display business information, contact numbers and company details. Many businesses also use notice boards to advertise training days and staff benefits.
  • In churches and community centres to advertise events, activities, services and family days. Notice boards can also be used to display general information such as opening hours and days in which the building is closed.
  • Local authorities also use notice boards to advertise public events, pantomimes, kids clubs and leisure centre activities.

To find out more about aluminium framed notice boards and how they can benefit a business, get in touch. Contact Red17 today to find out more.

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