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Pavement signs have a huge effect on external promotions through drawing more footfall into shops and other high street businesses. Signs that can be used indoor and outdoor for grabbing the attention of passersby and informing, advertising, or directing them.

Offering so many different types of signs here at Red17 we are sure to have the perfect pavement sign for you. Shop our store now or give us a call on 01234 240 007.

Pavement Signs Uses

At Red17 we provide a range of different pavement signs, suitable for a variety of businesses. However, if you’re opening a new business or are a company that hasn’t needed to use pavement signs before you may be unsure as to whether they are suitable for your intended use. Luckily, pavement signs can be used in many different ways.

Different Ways to Use Pavement Signs:

Pavement signs are much more than just simple signs advertising a local coffee shop’s deal of the day. In fact, they can have a big effect on promotions and advertising results if used well. Some of the most popular uses of pavement signs include:

  • To promote a specific product or service, such as a special deal or a money saving offer. This use of pavement signs is popular among shops and restaurants.
  • To attract attention and to draw potential customers into your business. For example, if you’re wanting to entice people to buy from your shop, you can use a pavement sign to encourage them to take the time to pop in. Pavement signs are commonly used in this way by high street shops when there is a sale on.
  • To advertise a specific event and to encourage attendance. Many places have summer fetes or car boot sales, and advertising these can be difficult. Use a pavement sign to provide the important details such as time, date and location. It’s a great way of ensuring potential attendees remember what they need to know in order to attend.
  • To grab attention or to make a passersby laugh. Everyone has seen a pub or coffee shop with a pavement sign outside with a picture, meme or funny quote. Though this does not advertise a specific product, it does make the business memorable and creates a fun and ‘hip’ vibe. This is ideal for anywhere with a younger target market.

Regardless of whether you need a swing board pavement sign or a chalkboard pavement sign, we have it covered. At Red17 we understand that offering customers different types of pavement signs is key to ensuring you get exactly what you need. Though the type you require will depend on your intended use, you are guaranteed the same high quality product across the range.

Additional Information

At Red17 we stock an extensive range of signage and display products with pavement signs as our speciality. Our unrivalled inventory of pavement signs has been developed and selected to supply the demands of any business or organisation seeking to increase footfall and spread their message effectively.

As part of our range we stock a vast quantity of A Boards at affordable price points. Our A boards are the ideal pavement sign for attracting attention and directing customers and prospects to the right place. Click here to view our full range of A board signs.

Our new portfolio of swing board signs are a durable and high-impact advertising solution that requires little assembly and fast set up and takedown. If you're looking to display your message in a town centre and require easy removal and set up then this is the ideal pavement sign. Click here to view our full range of swing board signs.

Looking for a reusable pavement sign? Check out our range of chalkboard signs, these are fantastic for pubs and restaurants, providing a stylish and cost-effective signage solution. Our range of chalkboard signs includes pavements signs, wall hanging signs and tabletop signs. Click here to view our full range of chalkboard signs.

If your business requires a durable and stylish signage solution then forecourt signs will be perfectly suited to your requirements. We stock an extensive range of forecourt signs in various finishes and styles. Whether indoor, outdoor, permanent or portable - we'll stock the perfect forecourt sign for you. Click here to view our full range of forecourt signs.

Our entire range of pavement signs are available with next day delivery across the UK. With Red17 you can trust that your product will arrive on time and in perfect condition. Give us a call today on 01234 240 007 to help us select the perfect pavement sign for you.

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