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Outdoor lockable menu display cases with LED illumination for 24 hour exposure to capture the attention of passersby and entice them into your establishment.

Perfect for cafés, restaurants, retail and leisure, these stunning Menu Light Boxes are available from a wide selection of colours and sizes to suit your menu display. So shop here and buy online today with free delivery now available or give our team a call on 01234 240 007.

Menu Light Box Uses

Uses of Menu Light Boxes

Choosing the best way to display your delicious and tempting menu has never been easier. How can that be possible? Easy. Using menu light boxes will make you stand out from the crowd and welcome new customers every day. Menu light boxes become the ideal solution when it comes to displaying the latest goods, deals or special offers.

At Red17, we understand how important is to make a good first impression and that is why we have gathered the best products and solutions for your business. Not to mention that these products are made from lightweight, waterproof and durable materials which guarantee you success for a very long period of time.

Different Uses of Menu Light Boxes

Though menu light boxes may seem like a simple product, there are a lot of different ways they can be used. For example:

  • Menu light boxes are ideal to display the latest offers that your café, restaurant or pub has prepared for old and new customers.
  • Menu light boxes can be used both in the interior and exterior of a business. As their design and performance are very eye-catching, this product will encourage customers to choose and order, as well as making your offer clear, concise and easy to see.
  • Menu light boxes can also be used to display information about certain events your business has to offer. For example, a concert or a book signing.
  • In restaurants, bars or cafes to provide information about the special offer of the day or highlight specific products that everyone should try at least once.
  • In restaurants, bars or cafes to display your business’s logo that everyone would easily remember. This works well for brand awareness and marketing.
  • Menu light boxes can also be placed around a business as a way to market different items from a variety of locations.

At Red17 we have a great range of menu light boxes in a great variety of colours to meet all your business needs. Whether you’re a restaurant just starting out your business, a well-known café that wants to go that extra mile or an upscale bar our products will work wonders for you. Get in touch today to find out more.

Additional Information

Light Box Menu Display Poster Cases

One of the best methods to welcome new customers into your restaurant, pub or cafe is by using menu light boxes that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Choosing how to display your menu is an important part of your marketing strategy. Creating an aesthetically pleasing menu display will go a long way to enticing in new customers. Finding a suitable illuminated display case can be a tricky business but here at Red17 we have the perfect collection of products to choose from.

With products to suit a range of business needs and a variety of brand colours, we have the perfect selection to solve your menu display dilemma. Secure and safe, all of these products provide the perfect solution for displaying your sophisticated and well-designed menu.

Our Slimlok Illuminated Menu Case is the perfect outdoor menu displaying solution for businesses who require something to be lockable, slimline and weather proof. This product is capable of over 50,000 hours of life from the 12V LED strip and involves very cheap running costs. This product is also very sleek and looks great. What’s more, this product is easy to install and doesn’t require the expertise of an electrician.

The Light Box range has a whole host of similar features, including low maintenance, a low running cost LED light strip and weather resistant qualities. This product also features a lock and can be purchased in a variety of 17 different colours in 4 different sizes. The back of the box is magnetic and this makes it easy to put up and swap over posters.

Both of these products are vandal resistant which makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The LED illumination is capable of lighting the logo and the display area, ensuring it looks great 24 hours a day. Both of these products are great to look at and would be a perfect addition to any business looking for an outdoor display case.

If you would like to know more about this product range, then please call our sales team on 01234 240 007 for expert advice. Please also check out our blog page about: 6 Reasons Why You Should Display Your Menu Outside.

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