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Dual combination notice boards are an excellent investment for multi-function offices and can provide a practical solution to helping improve communication between departments. For some offices, the lack of wall space is a cause for concern and it therefore needs to be used to the best of its ability. Dual notice boards, also known as combination boards, are excellent for providing everything you need in a compact way for maximum productivity.

All our whiteboards and notice boards are competitively priced and are available with free delivery on orders over £75.

Combination Notice Boards Uses

Uses of Dual Combination Notice Boards

Clear and easy communication is the key to success in any business. If your office space doesn’t have enough wall room to display crucial information to employees, it is time to take measures and smooth out this process. Using dual combination notice boards will make communication inside your company efficient, easy and fast. Plus, as they combine two different types of display they’re able to cater to every need.

At Red17, we offer a wide range of different dual combination notice boards that can be used efficiently in offices, training sessions or events; as well as many other locations. Dual combination notice boards are available in a range of different styles, widths, and heights which can fit perfectly in any space you have. Not to mention how easy they are to assemble and maintain.

Different Ways to Use Dual Combination Notice Boards

Dual combination notice boards are both portable and suitable to be mounted on a wall. They are easy to use and lightweight, which is why they are one of the best display solutions. Some of the most common ways to use dual combination notice boards include:

  • In offices. To help departments smooth their communication.
  • During training sessions to write down ideas, questions and other important details that someone must know.
  • At home to engage with your family members. For example, you can write down future plans for holidays, after school activities and pin photos with the places you are planning to visit.
  • As a way to display posters, important information, timetables and special events at local gyms or community centres.
  • In a child’s bedroom to assist them with homework organisation and displaying some of their keepsake items.
  • In schools to inform parents about different events that are planned in the near future.

At Red17 we have a range of different dual combination notice boards available, all of which are of great quality and are extremely durable. Plus, they are easy to store and take up minimal space. Explore our offer of dual combination notice boards today to find out more.

Additional Information

Dry Erase Whiteboard & Pin Board makes these Noticeboards a winning product

Manufactured in the UK, these products are guaranteed to be excellent quality and can be delivered quickly too. Ideal for any office environment, you may find that a dual notice board solves your current miscommunication problems and helps to provide a coherent space for sharing messages and notices.

Our Dual Notice Boards Wipe & Pin are the perfect combination product that comes with a useful dual purpose whiteboard and pin board notice board. Made almost entirely from timber bi-products and recycled materials, this product is ideal for boosting your ecological profile and helps to reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. Also a cost effective choice, this product can be bought in 6 different colours.

If you want to avoid the wooden frame featured on the product above, then our Dual Notice Boards with Aluminium Frame is perhaps more appropriate and provides the ultimate professional appearance. Made with traditional cork, this board comes with a variety of coloured felts to choose from and can also be purchased in a range of different sizes. Compatible with Velcro and capable of taking standard drawing pins, this is a versatile multi-purpose product designed for the office.

As part of our range of mounted dual notice boards, we also provide the Shield® Theme Board Noticeboard which features a whiteboard header panel where you can add your club name, department, title or any other heading – or place a custom graphic. It then benefits from a large notice board area that enables you to make the most of the space available. With 6 different sizes to choose from, 18 cloth colours and 6 frame colours, there is an endless number of combinations.

If you would prefer a more mobile solution, we offer the Combi Mobile Noticeboard which is a freestanding product that features a whiteboard on one side and a notice board on the other. This versatile product is ideal for the boardroom and allows you to flip between a whiteboard or notice board with minimal fuss. Mounted on a stable powder coated frame, it's easy to move and comes with four castors, of which two or lockable.

If you would like more information about any of our products, then please contact our professional sales team on 01234 240 007.

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