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7 Creative Ways You Can Use Your Whiteboard

Whilst whiteboards are a standard accessory in most offices, making the most of them can be tricky. Being creative with how you use it can have a positive impact on the whole office, and turn it into an incredibly useful tool.

Go stylish

Being creative with a standard whiteboard can be difficult, so why not think about investing in a glass whiteboard. It might be a little more costly to begin with, but you won’t suffer from those awful stains that occur after heavy use and you can even match the colour to your company’s branding.

Make it permanent

Although a whiteboard is supposed to be temporary, it can be difficult to come to terms with the inevitability of wiping the slate clean. Whether it’s a brainstorm meeting or a project plan, leaving information on a whiteboard almost defeats the point of it being erasable, and doesn’t allow the rest of the office to make the most of it.

Whilst it’s not the most creative of solutions, taking a picture is a brilliant way to make your whiteboard handiwork more permanent and free up the space for another team. Photograph your hard work and attach it to the project files for everyone to access from the comfort of their desk.

Wall Mounted Whiteboard

Add pictures

Most whiteboards are magnetic but many companies don’t make the most of this feature. If you have bars and graphs, then why not involve them? Add magnets to your whiteboard and include pictures, printouts and charts to transform a boring brainstorm into something more dynamic.

Get collaborating

Office whiteboards are all about creating a collaborative working space. Why not take this one step further and turn the whole wall into a collaborative space?

Companies such as Escreo can help you to transform the whole wall into a whiteboard with their clever dry erase paint. This not only allows you more room to jot down those inspirational ideas, everyone can get involved. Coupled with an array of colourful whiteboard markers and you’ve created an amazing space for collaboration.

Glass Whiteboard

Be bold

The old adage go big or go home is very applicable when it comes to whiteboards and couples nicely with the idea of turning your whole wall into a whiteboard. The bigger the better and if you can install one huge whiteboard, you’ll not only make a statement but allow enough room for everyone to get involved.

Count the days

Just using the whiteboard for brainstorms and project maps might not be the best use and so it’s worth thinking about how you can bring that blank white space to life. Why not consider turning it into a multi-functional calendar? You can involve all the departments by including important events, employee holidays, project deadlines and a whole host of other elements.

Make it colourful

And whilst you are turning it into the ultimate interactive calendar, colour coordinate events and create a key with some of those colourful whiteboard markers we mentioned previously. Whether you’re looking to create a collaborative space or simply create a funky calendar, colour will always work wonders in bring your whiteboard to life.

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