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Choosing the Right Lectern for Your Venue

Are you organising some public speaking event? Whether you work in a corporate setting, some house of worship, or an educational institute, public speaking or communication turns out to be a common ground. If you wish to ensure the success of the particular public speaking event, then it is vital to set up the stage properly. Most of the public speaking or communication events feature the presence of a raised or elevated platform for the orator to speak up. This platform is usually a podium or a lectern. The lecterns serve as the centrepiece of attraction for award ceremonies, corporate presentations, motivational speeches, religious sermons, educational lectures, and so more.

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The position and type of lectern that you select for the particular event or venue will determine the overall success of the event. The audience down there from the stage must be able to see the speaker on the lectern properly and hear him or her audibly for a satisfying experience. If you are out on the buying spree of the best lectern out there, here are some tips that you would like to consider:

  • Modern or Traditional: Before selecting the lectern for your event, it is important to first take notice of the surroundings. Are you planning to set up the lectern on the altar of a church? Or are you preparing for some product launch or IT presentation at some classy venue? The lecterns out there range in terms of the overall design and architecture including wooden, contemporary configurations, and so more. You must aim at choosing the lectern that sets the mood of your event right.

  • With or Without Logo: For instance, if you are planning to install a lectern in the altar of your religious organisation, then you might prefer buying models that come with built-in insignia. The logo or the symbol of your religious organisation towards the front side of the lectern can help in enhancing the overall effectiveness of the event or religious sermons. Most of the tech companies & corporate organisations also prefer including symbols or company’s logo to the front side of the lecterns during presentations or seminars. This technique helps the organisations in reinforcing their brands & letting the listeners know who is speaking on the podium.

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  • Outdoor or Indoor: Mostly there are discussions about indoor events. However, what about outdoor events or venues? Amongst the outdoor events, graduation ceremonies are the most common events that are organised outdoors. In addition to them, election events or rallies are also organised outdoors and require the specialised lecterns for public speaking or speech delivery. In such situations, it is considered wise to install podiums or lecterns that are designed specifically for outdoor purposes. You can look out for buying outdoor lecterns that are made sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions or abuse.

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  • Stationary or Portable: Most of the lecterns out there feature stationary designs that are made for the purpose of long-term placement at the given venue. However, there are several lecterns out there that could be easily folded up towards ensuring the ease of transportation to & from events. Portable lecterns serve to be a great choice when you are organising trade shows, exhibitions, or temporary shows.

  • Fixed or Height Adjustable: If you wish to ensure the best feedback for your event, it is considered ideal that you go for installing the height adjustable lecterns on the stage. The lecterns that turn out too tall or too short for the speakers can be a major hindrance to the overall effectiveness of the event. When you make use of the podium with a proper height setting, it can help in ensuring that the speaker is properly visible to the audience. The podiums that are available as height-adjustable models come with pneumatic or manual adjustments and enable the reading surface to be adjusted according to the height of the speaker.

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  • With or Without Integrated Technology: The podiums nowadays are available with a wide range of integrated technologies that aim at enhancing the overall mood of the event. Lecterns that come with integrated microphones & loudspeakers come as the perfect one-in-all package. There are other lectern models that come with built-in lights for illuminating the reading surface. The multimedia podiums, sometimes referred to as smart podiums, aim at offering the perfect solutions for educational speeches from professors & motivational speakers. The educational institutes that make use of the high-end multimedia podiums at the front of the respective classrooms are not only able to deliver lectures freely, but also support the lectures with the help of proper videos, documents, clip notes, and so more.

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Look out for the perfect lectern out there! If you wish to ensure the success of your event at any indoor or outdoor venue, buy the best-in-class lecterns now!

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