Folding Display Boards for Trade Shows and Craft Fairs

Why Folding Display Boards are The Most Cost Effective Trade Show Stand Display

Exhibitions can be busy affairs. While your staff may be looking forward to getting out there among the public, finding the most cost-effective way to display your wares can also be a little complicated when you’re on a tight budget. That’s where folding display boards come in.

Folding display boards have long been a staple of the exhibition, conference and event arena over many years and for good reason. They’re easy to transport and put up and they can easily be tailored to specific spaces. They’re also a great, cost-effective solution if your business is looking to keep a strong hand on those finances.

Folding Display Boards Always Come in Handy!

Head into any school, university or college and it won’t be long before you come across a folding display board or two. They are generally used to highlight the work of students or pupils, events that have taken place or simply to give people information.

Businesses use folding display boards too. They can be invaluable, especially when there’s a tradeshow on the horizon. The big benefit is that you can change the display rather than being stuck with set branding or advertising material as you are with a banner. They’re also great for placing in the background while giving your space at the tradeshow a bit more gravitas.

You can put up your latest offers, images of your products or even detailed information about what your business offers.

Folding display boards have other added advantages such as helping to partition off your stand. If you want to create different areas or sections, they are a cheap and easy way to redesign a space and make it more interesting. You can use it to channel people to your stand or even place your boards on a table to create an eye-catching display.

Why It’s Important to Have Folding Display Boards

These are a vital piece of display furniture that you won’t want to be without if you attend trade shows regularly. They can easily be stored away and brought out as and when you need them. Most businesses and organisations, of course, don’t just use folding display boards for tradeshows. This type of product can have multiple uses. For example, if you are running an internal promotion at work it’s simple enough to bring out your lightweight display boards and put stuff on show.

Folding Panel Display

The panels are double sided which means you get twice the space to use. With double looping n the boards, you can easily attach Velcro items to the surface (you can also use pins) and be sure that they are going to hang there without falling.

Example trade show table display stand

Folding display boards also come in a variety of sizes. You can get ones designed to go on a tabletop and others that are full-size and which can also act as partitions. The designs fold flat and usually come with their own convenient carry case for ease of transport.

Folding Display Boards Fold and Fit Into Carry Bag and Car Boot easily

Where Can I Buy Folding Display Boards?

At Red 17, we have a range of different folding display boards at great prices. Our Busyfold products are both light and flexible as well as highly durable and suitable for all trade-shows and exhibitions.

School Folding Display Panel Stand

If you are looking to invest in display stands for your next tradeshow, take a look at our folding display boards today.

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