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Cafe barriers are a great way to advertise and promote your products and services at events, trade shows and exhibitions or more commonly used for creating sophisticated outdoor dining areas. So if you have a restaurant, coffee shop or cafe with alfresco dining or want to create a cordoned off area at an event, whilst being able to advertise, then cafe barrier systems are the perfect solution for you.

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Cafe Barriers Uses
Uses of Cafe Barriers

Many cafes, bars and restaurants do not realise that they could be making much more of their outdoor space. Outdoor areas, especially in the summer months, are a huge draw for customers and using cafe barriers is one of the easiest ways to create one.

Our cafe banner stands work to separate different areas in front of an establishment or outdoor area, but they also have the benefit of advertising the business at the same time. These multipurpose café style outdoor banner stands are customisable and can showcase a special offer, a meal deal, an event or simply just the business’ name and logo.

Different Uses of Cafe Barriers

Cafe barriers are very easy to move around and transport from place to place so there’s no need to decide on a fixed position, simply move them as necessary. This means they can be used in a number of different ways, such as:

  • To advertise a cafe, bar or restaurant to those walking by. It’s not always easy to see the name of an establishment when walking down the road, but cafe barriers grab attention and let a person know what’s on offer.
  • To highlight an area that’s being used for outdoor dining. Many restaurants have outdoor areas that they like to use when the weather is nice; cafe barriers ensure this area is clearly marked off to those who are not eating.
  • To separate different outdoor areas from one another. For example, smoking and non-smoking areas or a dog friendly area from another where dogs aren’t allowed.
  • To create an outdoor smoking area. Many clubs, bars and pubs do not have a designated outdoor smoking area and this can cause problems. By using these banner stands, it is easy to see where smoking is allowed and where it isn’t.
  • To create a safe area for customers. When sitting eating a meal or having a drink with friends, customers like to feel as though they are in a safe and secure environment. Cafe barriers can help to achieve this.

At red17 we offer cafe barriers in a variety of styles and size configurations so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your business. Explore the different options we have available here.

Additional Information
Which Red17 Café Barrier System is best - Deluxe or Economy?

Not only are café banner stands a great advertising tool for your business, they are easily transportable and also easy to assemble, making them simple to move, rearrange and organise. If your business is near a high traffic pavement or walkway, these outdoor display barriers are the ideal way to segregate your loyal customers from the general public and provide them with a feeling of exclusivity.

We provide two styles of cafe barriers: there is our Deluxe range and then our Economy range. Both product ranges come in a variety of widths and are built to be compatible with a range of accessories, making it easy to replace damaged components or update the advertising.

Our Deluxe Café Barriers come as a complete set with graphic banner included. Paired with chrome finished bases and posts, this product range is very classy and chic. Ideal for outdoor areas and capable of withstanding winds of up to 13-18mph, these products are durable, versatile and very practical.

If you're working to a stricter budget, then our Economy Café Barrier range is perhaps more appropriate. Also sold as a complete set, these barriers are one of our best sellers and provide a great value for money. Featuring black powder coated posts and bases, this range is able to create the ideal professional appearance that many businesses are looking for. Also capable of withstanding high winds, this product range is durable and weather resistant.

Customisable, reconfigurable and expandable!

As well as our complete sets, each component can be bought individually, ideal if you're looking to replace damaged pieces. Alongside this, we also provide individual Café Barrier Graphic Banners to allow you to update your image or change your message with ease. Compatible with both café barrier product ranges, this is a cost effective solution to rebranding.

For more information about our cafe barriers, please call our friendly and professional sales team on 01234 240 007!

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