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25 Ways You Can Use a Roller Banner

Roller banner stands are hard to miss at business conferences and trade shows. While it’s true that their main function is as display stands for exhibitions, there are a full array of different ways they can be utilised.

In fact, we have managed to find 25. Really, though, we think you are only limited by your own imagination and ingenuity when it comes to finding great uses for these promotional jacks-of-all-trades.

Roller banners are handy whenever you need to inform, educate or just promote a message to your audience directly.

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For Wedding Guests

Roller banners are perfect for using to inform the guests on your big day (or a whoever’s big day you are involved in the planning and preparation for) to give all the guests what is going to happen and when throughout the day. A more intriguing and quirky use for a roller banner would be to create a funny backdrop for those big group wedding shots, especially if you’re looking to do something a bit different.

For Photography Services

When attending special events, photographers can bring roller banners to clearly inform all in attendance exactly what they are offering. They can also be used as a display in their show window, if they have one, giving examples of previous work and projects.

Safety Signs

Just because roller banners are lightweight and easy to carry, it doesn’t mean that they can be used in fixed ways. For example, roller banners could be utilised to stop people walking into areas that are unsafe.

Live Music Concerts

You will find that up-and-coming bands looking to make a name for themselves and gain exposure use roller banners on stage. They can also be used to promote forthcoming tours.

For Community Groups

They are effective for informing members of community and activity groups when events will be taking place. As are they for providing useful advice and information on signing up new members and drawing attention to the group.

For Leisure Centres and Gyms

Gyms and leisure centres often use roller stands to highlight key information about workout classes, personal trainers and memberships they are offering.

Often, they are also used to help draw prospective and current members to special deals and discounts.

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At Marketplace Stalls

Many traders at marketplaces find that roller banners are an easy way to tell people about their special deals. They can also just as easily be used as the menu for food stalls.

Pharmacies, Chemists and GP Offices

Roller stands can be used to give patients important details about how they book appointments, whether over the phone or online and offer practical advice about smoking cessation, obesity and flu (both symptoms and vaccination information).

Cinemas and Theatres

You will often find that cinemas and theatres utilise roller banners effectively in the foyer to give customers easily digestible information about special offers, booking tickets and upcoming shows and screenings.

Service Stations

These are an easy way to promote special deals and discounts within the stores at a service station.


Roller banner stands can be used by supermarkets in numerous ways, not least of all to let customers know about any changes to the store, special money-saving deals and new products they are promoting.

Conferences and Conventions

While it’s true that there are major similarities between trade shows, conventions and conferences, roller banners are often used at the latter to give attendees information about special promotions and to outline the running order of the event.

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In Offices

You can give your office or workspace an additional degree of professionalism with a well-placed roller stand that can also be used to highlight your products and services.

Charity Events and Fundraisers

Forthcoming events can be advertised, such as fun runs, craft fairs and coffee mornings. While at the actual events themselves, roller banners can used to draw attendees and participants’ attention to the charitable cause the event is in aid of. They can be used in this way to motivate people to donate and support.

Department Stores and Shopping Malls

Retailers often have roller banners to increase brand awareness and public exposure to direct customers to visit their concession, outlet or store.

Health Spas and Beauty Salons

Health spas and beauty salons often use these kinds of banner stands to outline their treatments and costs, as well as any special promotional deals. Up-selling is therefore made easy, unobtrusive and hassle-free.

Car Showrooms

New car manufacturers and vehicles can be advertised using roller banners, or to draw attention of customers to special and noteworthy features. Furthermore, many will use them to highlight after-sales and payment plans they offer.

Dental Practices

Dentists often make use of banner stands to provide information about pertinent and important dental health issues or new treatments offered at the practice. While they can also simply be used to provide general operation details about the practice such as the opening times and any times the surgery will be closed.


Important information can be easily displayed on roller banners for patients and visitors, as well as promoting health issues and charities. Many hospitals and other institutions also utilise them as information boards highlighting the treatments that are available for a variety of conditions, diseases and illnesses.

Discos and Nightclubs

Similarly, to theatres and cinemas, nightclubs will often use roller banners in their foyer to preview and advertise upcoming events. Alternatively, they can be used as a backdrop for nightclubbers to use for taking photographs in front of for their night on the town.

At Museums

Roller banners can be utilised in various useful ways at museums. Either to display information about specific artefacts and exhibits, and to promote special installations and open days.

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General University Use and for Graduation Ceremonies

Within universities, roller banners can be used effectively for announcing upcoming events. They can also be used to highlight key information for visitors, staff and students or as makeshift maps to help people get around the buildings.

Bed and Breakfast and Hotels

Roller banners can be used in places offering accommodation like hotels and B&Bs to provide details of extra services and offers, for things like transport, restaurants and spas. They are also perfect for displaying guides for guests regarding the rules and restaurant opening times.

Cafes, Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Bars

Simply, roller banners are great for showcasing menus, deal of the day offers and any new offerings that your diners should consider.

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