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Notice Boards: Low Price Doesn't Mean Low Quality

Notice boards are a useful addition to any office, classroom, church, business, or home as they make sharing information simple. All you need to do is attach a poster, notice, document, plan, todo list, to any other piece of information to the board. Everyone can walk up to your notice board and immediately learn what is going on.

But how much do you need to spend to purchase a high-quality notice board? You might be surprised to learn that it is quite easy to find well-made notice boards for a low price. When it comes to notice boards — low price doesn’t mean low quality.

This article will explain why low price notice boards are worth considering, then showcase some high-quality notice boards that are affordable and offer great value-for-money.

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Why consider a low price notice board?

Low Price Tag

There are many types of affordable notice boards available

When it comes to notice boards, affordable doesn’t necessarily mean “bare bones”. There are many types of low price notice boards available including Outdoor Notice Boards, Framed Notice Boards, Frameless Notice Boards, Lockable Notice Boards, Cork Notice Boards, Combination Boards, Mobile Notice Boards, Fire Resistant Notice Boards, and Shield Design Notice Boards.

You won’t be forced to choose a basic and cheap-looking notice board — you can purchase a low price notice board which has the functionality you require, is highly durable, and looks professional.

Colourful Framed Notice Board

Affordable notice boards still use cork

Some people assume that a cheap notice board will use a low quality plastic or styrofoam backing board which deteriorates quickly. That isn’t necessarily true. Many affordable notice boards will use 100% cork, which is very durable and lasts for years.

Affordable notice boards still come with frames

Many of the cheaper notice boards that are available will feature an aluminium or plastic frame for additional durability and support. These frames will help the board remain in the correct shape and protect it from damage.

Framed office Notice Board

Affordable notice boards come in many colours

Another common belief amongst consumers is that affordable products have less choice when it comes to colour. You might be surprised to discover that low price notice boards are available in dozens of different colours including various hues of pink, purple, blue, yellow, red, and green. It’s easy to find a colour that perfectly matches the appearance of your home, school, or place of business.

Colour Plus Range of Notice Boards from Red17

What types of affordable notice boards are available?

There are many types of low price notice boards available. For an example of a product that is affordable yet well-made, take a look at this notice board with aluminium frame. It is a cork board that comes with a velcro-friendly felt overlay. Because this surface works with both pins and velcro, it is simple to attach or remove items.

Having a velcro-friendly board is particularly useful if there are children who would like to add notices to the board. They won’t need to handle sharp pins which can potentially cause an injury.

Aluminium Framed Notice Boards

This board is surrounded by a beautiful anodised aluminium frame and that improves its durability. The Nylon rounded corners have concealed wall fixings, which are included with the product. It starts at the surprisingly low price of £26.00 (£31.20 inc. VAT) for the 450mm x 600mm board. This is very affordable — particularly for a UK-made product with this level of durability and a genuine cork board.

Frameless Eco-Colour® Notice Boards are another great choice for anyone looking for a low price notice board. These boards are made from recycled material and are set coloured (eliminating the use of chemical dyes). They are fire resistant, have noise reducing acoustic qualities and can easily be mounted with the fixings that come with the board. There are 6 size options available and 11 colour options, with prices starting at £34.90 (£41.88 inc. VAT) for a 600mm x 900mm board.

Frameless Eco-Colour® Notice Board

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