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Is your business clearly communicating your coronavirus policy?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the entire world, and it is a deeply challenging time for all of us. Everyone across the country – and the world beyond – has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak in one way or another. The key message being delivered is for everyone to stay at home, with the exception of key workers doing vital work, getting some exercise once per day, and popping out to get essential food and medicine.

During these times, businesses that are still open, such as food shops, chemists, bicycle shops, and takeaways, must all clearly communicate their coronavirus policy. This is to ensure all staff and customers understand the strict rules that are in place. The key way this can be done is to display important messages by using signs, such as lockable notice boards, outdoor notice boards, and pavement signs.

As one of the leading signage companies in the UK, we have been approached by many of our regular clients, and many new customers. They want to know how they can best make use of signage, notice boards, pavement signs, and lockable notice boards to keep their customers informed. Clear signage helps keep everyone ‘on the same page’ and ensures that people keep their distance, understand the policies, and are kept up to date about your business.

4 examples of signage product to communicate policy

Why is it so important to communicate a clear coronavirus policy?

The key reason why it is so essential that your business communicates a clear coronavirus policy is to reduce the risk of infection. This will ultimately stop the spread of the virus.

While it’s true that a lot of people are now working from home, there are still many businesses that cannot operate this way. Therefore, lots of employees are still required to attend their place of work and continue doing their job. This is an extremely daunting time for everyone. It is an even more worrying time for those still going into their places of work, and who are coming into daily contact with other people.

If this is the case, it is vital that everyone within the business understands and follows a clear social distancing policy. The general message is to stay two metres apart at all times, wash your hands using soap and hot water, and avoid touching your face. However, depending on the business, there may be extra precautions to be put in place, and additional policies that have to be followed to ensure everyone’s safety.

No business wants to be known as ‘the place where the virus spread unchecked.’ In addition to wanting to keep all of your employees and customers safe, you also want to protect your reputation.

Coronavirus Warning Sign

What information should you post?

Your business will likely have its own unique information to post, but most will benefit from signage that includes the following:

  • Post your hours clearly
    Many businesses are reducing or amending their hours at this time. Your customers are going to be wondering about your hours, so make sure to post them clearly.

  • Remind people about social distancing
    Post reminders throughout your retail space that all customers should stay at least 2 metres away from one another.

  • Thank your employees and key workers
    Remember to clearly post your thanks to your own employees and other key workers, such as NHS staff, delivery people, council workers, and volunteers.

  • Advise on how many people can be inside at one time
    Many shops are limiting the number of people who can be inside at one time. Use your signage to clearly advise customers about capacity limits.

  • Use larger print than usual
    Make sure that the fonts on your posters and signage are larger than normal. This will allow people to read them from a distance, and not need to crowd around the sign.

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Communicating Coronavirus Information

What signs can help you communicate a clear coronavirus policy?

Lockable notice boards

Lockable notice boards are one of the best ways to clearly communicate your coronavirus policy. They provide you with space to place bold posters or notices that communicate precisely what people need to do to follow the policies, such as “wash your hands before entering,” or “please wear a face mask.”

The benefits of a lockable notice board are that you are in complete control of what is placed on the board, and it can’t be removed or replaced until you decide to do so. Therefore, no one can say that they didn’t see the policy being communicated or that it had fallen down. It also protects your signage from vandalism and the elements, which will save you the money of replacing them.

Lockable Notice Boards - example pic

Outdoor notice boards

An outdoor notice board is beneficial in locations where people may not enter the building, such as at factory loading points or places where people may go during or for their daily exercise. Our outdoor display boards are weatherproof and ensure that the information they display will not get damaged. Outdoor display boards come in a wide range of different materials, depending on the type and durability you are looking for.

We have outdoor notice boards in a large variety of sizes, from small boards that fit one or two small posters, to large boards that can fit many different notices, or one large one. It is essential to buy an outdoor display board that fits correctly in the allotted space, and is also big enough to communicate the message or poster you want to display.

Post Mounted Outdoor Notice Board near park entrance

A-Board pavement signs

A-board pavement signs a great way to communicate your business’s coronavirus policy, mainly if you are serving customers or have a high turnover of people coming and going. They would be particularly helpful for supermarkets or other businesses that are expecting a potential queue to form outside. A-board signs can be placed regular intervals and reinforce the 2-metre distance rule. A-board signs are a tried and tested way of promoting a message or material. The simplicity of the A-board makes it easy to move, as well as take down and put back up if required.

A-Board Pavement Sign - Open For Business

Swinging pavement signs

If you are looking to use pavement signs to communicate your coronavirus policy, then a swinging pavement sign may be ideal. They do a similar job to the a-board however they have a broad base, which can be filled with water, sand or stones. This makes the sign heavier and more resistant to wind, making it less likely to be blown over and fall. They are also popular as the swinging feature can help draw attention to the sign and catch people’s eyes. This can be particularly useful if the board is displaying an important message.

Swing Board Signs

It is essential that during this time, your business clearly posts its coronavirus policy. It should be based on science and government guidelines, and needs to be highly visible. It is worth carefully considering which form of signage is the most effective for you, and ensuring that you implement this as quickly as possible.

Do you need some guidance and advice on the best signage option for your COVID-19 response? Call or email us today – the Red17 team is on hand and working from home, ready to help you select the right signs for your needs.

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